Platform Plus

Unique Presentation Offerings

We offer a range of programming options outside of traditional Keynote presentations. These unique sessions offer organizations an exciting way to drive interest, engagement, and interactivity for their initiatives. We highlight eight styles, however, the options available are not limited to those listed below.  Contact us to learn more.

What’s offered:


Organizations often require specialized training on goal setting, leadership, sales, innovation and more. We have great strong trainers, workshop leaders or facilitators for personal and professional development.

Trainers & workshop leaders include Dr. Julielynn Wong, Mark HenickNancy Vonk and Janet Kestin & more. View the full list here.


Many of our personalities are excellent hosts and emcees, often having honed their skills as television hosts or anchors. They bring an appropriate level of energy to keep the audience engaged and the event on schedule for a multi day conference or awards event.

Host/MC’s include George StroumboulopoulosJessi Cruickshank, Bobby Umar & more. View the full list here.

Event Moderator 

A great moderator is well researched and highly skilled in keeping discussions flowing. They will ensure all voices are heard equally, and key questions are asked, to provide valuable content for the audience.

Event Moderators include Tony Chapman, André Picard, Jesse Hirsh & more. View the full list here.

Celebrity Partnerships 

Many organizations book celebrities to help enhance their brand, increase exposure and awareness. Our roster of celebrities can add value to your event for attendees and beyond. Celebrities can interact with attendees; deliver announcements, photo ops, engage on social media and much more.  They are known for bestselling books, TV appearances, social influencer status and more.

Celebrity Partnerships include Chantal Kreviazuk, Arlene Dickinson, Natalie Panek & more. View the full list here.


Sometimes a thought-provoking keynote isn’t right for an after-dinner session. Or perhaps a three-day conference needs to start off with a sense of fun. This is where entertainers come into play. Whether it’s a comedian, spoken word poet or corporate entertainer, these presentations offer an upbeat break in traditional programming.

Entertainers include Ryan McMahon, Candy PalmaterColin Mochrie & more. View the full list here.


Bring in one of our celebrity golfers for a seasonal event on the links. They will help generate excitement throughout the event. Celebrities can interact with attendees, play a round, take part in driving/putting contests, help make announcements, take pictures, and much more.

Personalities for golf include Theo FleuryRoberto AlomarHayley Wickenheiser & more. View the full list here.

Panelist/In Conversation

A panel allows a diverse range of opinions to be heard from varying perspectives. An in-conversation presentation allows for a deeper exploration of topics of interest to particular audiences.

Personalities for Panels/In Conversation include David Frum, Lt. Gen Roméo Dallaire, Matthew Corrin & more. View the full list here.

Video/Online Program

Online presentations allow for teams located at multiple locations to experience a presentation simultaneously. Whether it’s a live stream, video seminar, twitter chat or anything in between, these types of programs help make sure an entire team, followers or prospects are able to gain the valuable insights from an industry-leading expert or thought leader.

Personalities for Video/Online programs include Tiq Milan, Jennifer Moss, Jim Harris & more. View the full list here.