Hire a Business Speaker
for your Event

Hire a Business Speaker
for your Event

Business Experts to Educate and Inspire Your Event Audience.

Leverage insights developed from years of running successful businesses and providing expert advice to enhance your conference or business event. Your attendees are sure to gain powerful knowledge from our business keynote speakers.

Our expert business speaker services:

  • Draw from a pool of over 550 business speakers
  • Take advantage of the 40+ years we’ve spent providing thought-leaders at conferences and events
  • Have worked with 80% of the Financial Post Top 50 companies
  • Inspire, educate, and enhance your staff
  • Offer a unique perspective

Our Business Speakers

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We offer a diverse lineup of inspiring and powerful speakers, ranging from CEOs and business leaders to investors, entrepreneurs, and much more. Through our over 40 year history, we’ve delivered thousands of insightful moments to businesses across North America. It’s clear that we’re the best choice for all your business speaker needs.

Benefits of our Top Business Speakers

There are a variety of reasons why it makes sense to book one of our expert keynote speakers. These include:

Peerless Education

When businesses and conferences reach out to us for one of our top business speakers, they do so because they want to empower their guests with the skillsets that our speakers can provide.

Each of our business speakers have demonstrated comprehensive expertise in their areas of focus. No matter what you’re seeking, whether it’s focusing on developing your attendees’ leadership skills, improving sales techniques, teaching stress management techniques, or maintaining a healthy work-life balance, all of our business speakers have unique lessons to impart.

Increased Energy

Beyond the educational benefits, there’s also an energizing element to having one of our top business speakers present in your event. They make use of humour, real-world examples, and audience interaction to entertain while delivering tangible learning experiences. Because of that, no matter the nature of the event, your guests will leave energized and ready to reach for higher goals.

Inspire Your Attendees and Employees

Whether you’re hosting a conference or simply providing an internal training session, keeping your guests inspired is important.

Our host of expert business speakers are an excellent way to inspire renewed drive from staff, and positive insights for conference guests. Your attendees will reflect on the event and feel rewarded by the knowledge and experience they’ve gained.

Fresh Perspective

Change is a given in the world. Whether for a business or for individuals, people need to be able to adapt to meet shifting requirements. However, change can be a scary prospect. We’re scared of what we don’t know so it’s a difficult prospect to convince people to embrace it. A fresh perspective is the perfect way to give your guests the ability to face changes head on, confident that they’ll succeed.

Throughout our more than 40 year history, we’ve connected the Canadian market with some of the most brilliant minds available. Our talented roster of business speakers can provide insights to a variety of settings, whether it’s a meeting, training, or a conference. Contact us when you need innovative thought-leaders to inform and inspire.