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Tiq Milan

Journalist, Transgender Advocate & Media Consultant

Tiq Milan has been an advocate and media maker in the LGBT community for over a decade. An educator and mentor, Tiq is also a writer and journalist who carved a niche for himself as a media advocate and one of the leading voices for transgender equality. He has won several awards for his media advocacy from organizations like The Hispanic Black Gay Coalition, Black Transman Advocacy Inc., The National Trans Latina Coalition and The National Pride Index. He’s also been recognized by BET, Ebony Magazine, and MTV.



New York, New York, USA


Redefining Masculinity: A Transgender Experience
Masculinity is as performative as any other gender. It is fluid, expansive and belongs to anyone who embodies it. Tiq is a transgender man who has experienced gender on many different points across the spectrum. These experiences have shaped his approach to creating his own masculinity and allowed him to interrogate the toxic notions that are attached to being a man in the world. In this presentation, Tiq shares stories of his journey of becoming a man and what he’s learned about the masculine experience and binary gender. He also looks at how race intersects with how we define gender.

Keeping It 100: Allyship Across the Margins
Being queer has emerged as an identity that is inclusive of folks who fall outside of cisgender and heteronormative ideas of how gender manifests and desire is shaped. Binary definitions of gender or sexuality are no longer sufficient in describing the experience that many people are having in the world. In this presentation Tiq discusses strategies to sustaining ally relationships and why it’s beneficial to personal and professional growth and development. Our allyship isn’t just for folks who have different gender expressions but is about finding common ground amongst the intersecting human experience.

Tiq is also able to deliver presentations alongside his wife and fellow speaker Kim Katrin Milan.

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Summary Profile

Tiq Milan has been an advocate and media maker for over a decade. His media career began as a freelance writer, reporting for several pop culture magazines such as Rolling Stone, VIBE and Complex. As a journalist, he sharpened his expertise in spotting cultural trends and mixed media messaging.  

When he began his journey as a transgender man he decided to step away from entertainment writing to focus on advocacy. It was here he carved a niche for himself, using his media expertise as a tool to shift the cultural needle towards inclusion and progress as the Public Information Officer at Lambda Legal and later as the Senior Media Strategist of National News at GLAAD. Tiq now travels internationally sharing his story of transition and discussing the power of media as an agent of social change.

Tiq has penned articles for BET.com, Rolling StoneThe New York Times, The Source, Vibe and others on issues facing the LGBT movement. Tiq is the former editor-in-chief of IKONS magazine, an LGBT pop culture magazine, and has been a freelance pop culture journalist for several years, interviewing people from Jay-Z to Cicely Tyson.

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