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Tony Chapman


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Branding Expert, Media Personality & Podcaster

Tony Chapman is one of North America’s leading thought leaders on customer engagement, a testament to a 30-year career where he founded three agencies and crafted award-winning campaigns and go to market strategies.  Tony is one of the youngest individuals to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends and four documentaries, including one from Australia, and one from the UK have profiled Tony’s thinking on consumer and customer engagement.

Keynote Speeches

A Brand New Decade Are you Ready to Roar?
Tony Chapman discusses the 2020’s – A Decade of Disruption. He will then offer insights on how to establish value, and engage the head, heart and hands of the audiences that matter most to them. Customer, Employees and Influencers.
Tony will look at the four forces of change populating every corner of our marketplace and how your members must embrace change to create tailwinds that leap their business forward versus headwinds, where they fight to maintain relevance. In doing so, we will show how we can and must shift the conversation and consideration of each member business from being transactional, and trapped by economic buyers, to transformational and valued by technical and strategic buyers.
Key Takeaways:
• Age of Noise – How to get heard by the people that matter most to you.
• Purpose Driven Economy. Light a Path to your Brand and Door
• Platform Economy: How to focus on the two most compelling customer benefits – More and Less
Stop Telling Your Story – Become Part of Theirs

This talk is focused on how to engage and persuade the people who matter most to you. Attention is the oxygen of human endeavor and our only path to engagement and persuasion. Attention breathes life into leading, marketing, selling, teaching, and mentoring. The challenge is in the ‘age of noise’ too much is chasing a finite amount of time. It is becoming impossible to be heard.

Tony Chapman will draw upon his 30 years of crafting award-winning campaigns and strategies, to share how you can get the attention you deserve. Tony’s keynote, packed with case studies from around the world and actionable insights and ideas, will unveil the secrets of storytelling, but with an audience-first twist. Anyone and any brand can apply this communication strategy to capture attention and engage the head, heart, and hands of the audiences that matter most to them.

Key Takeaways:
• The five pillars that every story stands on.
• The ‘twist’ that will drive your audience engagement scores.
• A clear and customized demonstration of how all of this applies to your marketplace.

The Place to Be How Retail, Tourism and Hospitality can disrupt their online disruptors

It’s no longer what you own but what you experience and share that is driving consumer behavior and growth in our economy. Retailers, hospitality, tourism, and services must shift from being a place to visit and buy to the place for consumers to be. Be social, be enlightened, be entertained, be energized, be healthier, be naughty, be a treasure hunter, be surprised. The key is to identify and then deliver the ‘Be’s’ that meet your customers’ needs while staying true to your brand, and profitable to your operation. In this keynote learn from the best in the world in how they drive traffic and profit in the experience economy, and in doing so turn their customers into raving ambassadors.

Key Takeaways:
• The 6’s P’s of any destination-based business and why one P now matters more than the other five combined.
• How to identify your ‘Be’s’ based on the key consumer motivators, while being authentic to your brand, and operationally profitable.
• The key economic and consumer drivers that has propelled the experience economy to grow 3 X to the material goods.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Host, Moderator & Interviewer
Tony is a frequent and often daily contributor to the conversation on National Television and Radio. Tony draws upon his skills as a media host and spokesperson to extend his offering beyond his Keynotes and Workshops. Tony can be available as your Host for the Day ensuring that a consistent message is woven throughout the different Keynotes and Panel Discussions. He considered one of Canada’s top moderators. He is also available to do promotional videos, interview key individuals, or help to support your media efforts surrounding your event.
Workshop: Reciprocity How to give, share, create and collaborate to gain the trust and loyalty of others.
Reciprocity, the lifeblood of humanity, is being challenged by many of today's’ technologies. Humans are being conditioned to promote themselves in social media and are obsessed with finding their 15 megs of fame. We clamour to push forward our stories, ideas, content and selfies with the sole purpose of finding others who can give us ‘likes’, while we offer little or nothing in return. Tony explores differences between transactional work and transformative work. He shares his recipe for creating reciprocal relationships with employees, customers, influencers and investors. The Workshop will be customized to the audience and their industry sector.

Audience reviews:

  • Tony digs deep into the subject to build and stage an outstanding and relevant presentation" based on his audience and the key challenges they face. Tony also draws on his vast experiences, research and timely intel to provide poignant insights into emerging and existing challenges that an organization needs to be aware of and understand. Tony's captivates and resonates.

    - Former Chairman of the Board, Hockey Canada
  • Tony passion is palpable, and the energy level in the room becomes notably higher when he is speaking. His messages are clear, simple and concise - we had Partners still quoting Tony a year after that partners' meeting. He clearly left a mark on our conference and firm.

    - National Director Marketing, and Communications, Grant Thornton LLP
  • We love having Tony as a keynote - he understands retail and what it takes to win. He delivers great content with passion and always keeps the audience wanting more.

    - CEO Retail Council of Canada
  • Tony is energetic and informative. He engages both the panel and the audience by asking big questions that bring out fresh insights and provokes great discussion.

    - Vice President of Marketing, Walmart
  • We were so impressed with his professionalism, energy and ability to pull themes together and make the content relevant for the audience. Tony is an incredibly quick study and developed a keen understanding of this amazing program which made our Symposium Day the best ever!

    - Partner, Deloitte Private Audit & Advisory. Co-leader, Canada’s Best Managed Companies Program

Speaker Biography

Tony is the recipient of over 100 Gold and Best of Show Awards, Agency of the Year and one of the Youngest recipients to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends. Four different television documentaries have featured his approach to audience engagement. Five years ago Tony sold all of his interests to freely speak his mind in the media, and to Host and Deliver Inspirational Keynote Events at Conferences around the world. 

Tony draws upon his three decades of experience as a consumer expert and business strategist, helping multi-national and entrepreneurial organizations build profitable go to market campaigns to craft and deliver personalized presentations that are inspirational, motivational, relevant, and actionable. He is renowned for his ability to turn a Q&A session into a segment of immense value to the audience through his ability to demonstrate in real-time how the lessons he has shared can be applied to any individual or business.

Tony is a frequent contributor to the conversation on television, radio, and national newspapers. He is also the host of the podcast Chatter that Matters and the host of The Dales Report, a video magazine targeting do-it-yourself- investors.

His unique perspective was evident as a judge on the Food Network’s hit “Recipe to Riches,” and as the host of City TV’s “Nissan Innovation Challenge.” Tony appears in weekly segments on consumerism: on Global TV’s Morning and on Jerry Agar’s radio show. He has co-hosted the Global Morning Show, BNN, and the Live Drive on 1010.