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Social influencers are a vital part of a modern marketing plan. These individuals are masters of specific social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, and are highly connected, having grown a loyal and engaged online following.


  • Helps you and your brand connect and engage with consumers more directly, more organically, and at scale
  • Allows for more current results in your search engine ranking/SEO
  • Increase visibility and raise awareness within a relevant market
  • Engage in native advertising which is seen as a more pleasurable experience for consumers and a more powerful marketing solution for brands
  • Help promote word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Gain interest of traditional media


These personalities are available for one or more of the following:


Bring one of our celebrities in for an appearance and help generate excitement throughout the event. Social Influencers can interact with attendees, help drive engagement in the social sphere, post photos to their followers and much more.

Online Initiatives

Running a campaign or holding an event across different regions? Looking to interact with your social followers? To glean insights from them? To promote your organization in the social sphere? Campaigns that include Twitter Chats, Facebook Live, or YouTube livestream opportunities with social influences are a great way to meet these goals.

Our Most Requested Social Influencers:

Casie Stewart | Executive Leadership Coach & Authority on Personal Branding

Social Influencer | Blogging & Instagram

Documenting her life since 2005 via her blog ‘This is my Life,’ Casie’s been at the forefront of brand storytelling though influencer marketing. Its growth in popularity has inspired brands to partner with her to create content and tell stories for their audiences. Casie’s been awarded Best Travel Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, and Top 100 Blogs in Canada among many accolades from mainstream media. Casie has high level of engagement on Instagram, averaging over 105 likes/post, with true reach of (i.e. each post is seen by) over 5,500 individuals.

Goldie Chan | Digital Marketer & Top LinkedIn Influencer

Social Influencer | LinkedIn

Top LinkedIn influencer Goldie Chan, known for her bright green hair, has pioneered the LinkedIn Video feature. She has created a market for other content creators to share their stories through the platform. Goldie can help your organization & event reach new target markets. With over 3 million content views and over 30k followers on LinkedIn, she’s become one of the faces for the social network.

Jim Harris | Disruptive Innovation & Organizational Change Expert

Social Influencer | Twitter

With over 215,000 followers on twitter, Jim is one of the leading voices promoting conversation around innovation. Brands & organizations frequently bring Jim on to drive conversations at events around the world where he’s frequently named on of the top-influencers. In 2017 he was named the top influencer at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) according to onalytica.

Alayna Fender | YouTuber, Mental Health & LGBTQ+ Advocate

Social Influencer | YouTube

Alayna Fender is a cat-loving LGBT+ content creator who makes educational comedy videos on a wide range of topics, with mental health and sexuality being her specialties. Whether it’s discussing sexuality or mental health issues, or simply vlogging and doing challenges, Alayna brings her frank and funny perspectives to any topic.Since launching her YouTube channel in 2011, Alayna has garnered over 190,000 subscribers and over 15 million combined views.

André Picard | Award-Winning National Public Health Writer

Social Influencer | Twitter

With over 58,000 followers and a high engagement rate (average of 7.3 retweets & 9 likes per tweet) André Picard is one of the top Social Media Influencers in the Health community. In addition to sharing his own work for The Globe and Mail, André promotes new health insights from other leading voices on healthcare topics from around the world. Onalytica ranked him as the #4 overall influencer on the subject of Mental Health in 2016.

Gary Vaynerchuk | Entrepreneur, CEO of VaynerMedia & Venture Capitalist

Social Influencer | Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & More

Pick a social platform, and Gary has a wealth of experience on it. With over 1.4million followers on Twitter & Instagram, along with over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, Gary has built one of the largest, most loyal followings in the social sphere.

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To find out more about our Social Influencers, check out their individual profile page or request to speak with an agent.