Our Team

At GSA, we’re so fortunate to have found careers involved in helping make the world a better place through the sharing of ideas, speeches and challenging dialogue. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at our three offices on both the East and West coasts to help make events happen. Learn more about our team of experienced and engaged agents, marketing, support and client services, who will work with you every step of the way.

Select a team member to learn more:

Theresa Beenken CEO
Theresa Beenken
Christy de Couto President
Christy de Couto
Sawa DSouza Director | Strategic Initiatives
Sawa DSouza
Jeanne-Marie Robillard Director | Partnerships
Jeanne-Marie Robillard
Brandon Lamb Senior Agent
Brandon Lamb
Hal Eckensweiler Senior Agent
Hal Eckensweiler
Natasha Daneman Agent | U.S. & International Markets
Natasha Daneman
Hayley Citron Agent | U.S. & International Markets
Hayley Citron
Lynne Dubuc Specialist | Partnerships & Digital Agent | Campus
Lynne Dubuc
Emilie Morvan-Streeter Agent
Emilie Morvan-Streeter
Paula Iriola Agent
Paula Iriola
Helen Cheng Senior Controller
Helen Cheng
Cathy Hayes Senior Client Services Associate
Cathy Hayes
Sarah Alexander Senior Client Services Associate
Sarah Alexander
Jannice Tran Administrative Assistant
Jannice Tran
Perry Goldsmith Founder
Perry Goldsmith