Hire a Keynote Speaker for your Event

Hire a Keynote Speaker for your Event

Make Your Event A Success. Book A Top Keynote Speaker To Ensure A Memorable Experience.

Each of our professional keynote speakers brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and speaking styles to events. With our expanding roster of famous keynote speakers, you’re sure to find someone who works perfectly for your audience.

When you hire one of our keynote speakers, benefits may include:

  • Improved registration numbers
  • Knowledge from 40+ years of delivering top speakers
  • Raised credibility levels
  • Increased engagement at the event

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When you decide to host an event, whether it’s a meeting, a training session, or a conference, a top keynote speaker can help to make it a success. No matter the topic, our list of keynote speakers will bring insights, experience, and entertainment to make the most of your event.

Why you Should Hire One of our Top Keynote Speakers

There are many reasons that you should hire one our keynote speakers. These include:

An Increase in Your Registration Numbers

Well known top keynote speakers, especially public figures, have the potential to draw in a big audience. Through a combination of their name and promotion, many people will register just to see them.

More registration means more revenues from your event. This makes it easy to justify the cost and ROI of booking professional keynote speakers.

Increased Credibility

By choosing one of our keynote speakers, you’ll immediately make your event more impactful and valuable for guests. The fantastic educators and storytellers we provide generate profound experiences and information that your attendees can’t find anywhere else.

Diverse and Expert Skillsets

Because we have a roster of over 500 talented speakers, you’re easily able to find a speaker with proven expertise in your area. Whether you’re looking for speakers on education, sales & marketing, or women’s issues, we can put you in touch with speakers with a variety of specialties. They can easily inspire, motivate, and educate by leveraging their experiences and applying them to your event.

Improved Engagement

No matter how large an audience is at your event, a good keynote speaker can charm and entertain your guests. When you align the expertise and style of your speaker with the profile of your guests, you create an environment that is sure to lead to a successful event.

The Creation of a Memorable Experience for Your Guests

When you book one of our top keynote speakers, you’re sure to create an event that your guests will remember for years to come. They’ll discuss it with their peers, increasing the reach of your message and improving your company’s brand.

Throughout our history, we’ve made it our mission to deliver insights and experiences from our top keynote speakers to as many people as possible. The talented roster of speakers we’ve gathered can improve any event, from a meeting to a training event, or a conference. Reach out to our team to ensure that your event is a complete success.


Types of Keynote Speakers

There are many types of keynote speakers, each bringing a unique specialty appealing to clients. They can be roughly broken down into key categories. Some of the most popular include:

Sales Keynote Speakers

One of the key pillars to businesses success is sales. In a quest to provide sales teams with the training needed to achieve, many organizations find success in putting together an internal event featuring a sales keynote speaker. They bring a new lens to help sales professionals convince, compel, and influence. A good starting point is to browse through our top sales keynote speakers here. 

Marketing Keynote Speakers

Marketing is always evolving. New tools, techniques, and data-points are shining a light on new opportunities for organizations to reach & engage with the audiences that matter to them. Modern marketers crave educational opportunities to stay sharp & keep up with the trends that can help them gain the edge. That’s why marketing events are key. The best marketing speakers not only show audiences the new tools & techniques that matter to them but also educate them on big-picture changes that are coming in the future. View some of our top marketing keynote speakers here


Many events prefer to have a local keynote speaker come in to present to their audience. Often this can help save travel costs while mitigating the risk of an unexpected travel delay. We have many different speakers throughout some of Canada’s largest marketing including Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto keynote speakers. You can conduct a filtered search by speaker location using our Speaker Scout feature.