Getting Started

How to find & book speakers with NSB

We know choosing a guest speaker is just one of many items on a successful meeting professionals 'to do' list when planning your next event. We want to make it easy for you to get started.


Use the industry’s most intuitive and advanced search tool. Our Speaker Scout will do all the legwork for you and take the guess work out of speaker programming. Search for speakers based on one or more of the following: Name, Area of Expertise, Presentation Type, Topic Area, Location, Keywords and more!

Save your speakers


Review the speaker profiles and save your preferred speakers using your "My Speakers" function.


Email the list to yourself and/or your committee for reference.

Our Services are at no extra cost to you.

Speaker rates are typically standard whether you found the speaker directly or are advised by an agency, as speakers typically pay agencies for our support in confirming engagements, so they can focus on their day-to-day priorities and know their speaking engagements are handled by a firm that is set up to help with recommendations, marketing materials, contracting, travel planning and more. Let us help you in your search.

Not sure what to search for?

Call, email or ‘live chat’ with us anytime and we’ll talk you through the process. We want to help set you up for success and engage your audience at your next event. We can help with all of the categories below as you search for just the right person to enhance your event. Here’s our Top 10 considerations when choosing your guest speaker:

Your Program

Consider your audience, theme, organization, and the purpose of your conference or meeting and choose a speaker who will suit those needs. Do you want a celebrity draw, topic specific content, a best selling author?

Profile Information

Most speakers will have a speaker profile card, including a profile & experience summary, media article features, topic specialties and testimonials. Review their profiles to get a better sense of their credibility on their topic area.


Determine whether you are looking for a speaker to provide information, inspiration, entertainment, or a combination of all three. Do you want interaction or primarily a keynote to stimulate thought?


Many speakers have online video on their profile page, either speaking or an interview format to give you a sense of their style, sample content, and audience response.


Ask your colleagues, speakers bureau or meeting planner for recommendations of great speakers they’ve heard and/or speakers who can identify with your organization and your needs. We have a ‘most popular’ and ‘new speakers’ category to help you know who some of our most compelling speakers are. We also know who resonates best with your industry.

Testimonial Quotes

You can find real time twitter feedback or online event reviews from audience members who have heard the speaker. These quotes are often unsolicited and provide further confirmation of the speaker’s talent. We compile these for your reference.


Determine your speaker budget and ask for recommendations within your budget range. There are excellent speakers in most every budget range.


Want a chance to connect with your speaker before or after confirming them for your event? We can arrange that for you, so you can discuss your organization’s needs and the focus of your event to ensure a customized presentation.


Consider your travel budget too – do you need someone close to your venue, or do you want to bring in a speaker your audience wouldn’t normally have access to?


We all love feedback to help us improve and know what works! Share with us and your speaker the feedback from audience members and your own views on the speaker’s style, content and impact on your group.