Hire an Environmental Speaker
for your Next Event

Hire an Environmental Speaker
for your Next Event

Help Your Audience Understand Their Environmental Impact By Hiring One Of Our Best Environmental Speakers.

Whether you simply want to bring awareness to our current environmental issues, wish to introduce a new sustainable approach, or seek to explain complex environmental problems to your team in an informative and educational session, our motivational environmental speakers will engage your audience and help initiate your desired call to action.

We have an extensive pool of top environmental keynote speakers to meet your needs:

  • More than 30 Sustainability speakers
  • More than 80 Environmental speakers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines
  • Speakers with real-life stories, experiences and scientific knowledge to educate your audience
  • A focus on conservation and the reduction of harm to preserve the environment
  • Discussions on alternative energy, fuels to reduce harm and reverse the effects of pollution
  • Important conversations about agriculture, the environment, and our future health

View Complete List of Environmental Speakers

From former politicians to widely respected scientists, humanitarians, astronauts, and activists – we have an exciting and engaging environmental speaker who would be perfect for your next event. Business meetings, conferences, retreats, and training sessions are perfect occasions to impress your attendees and invite an expert speaker. With our extensive experience, we can help you select the best environmental speakers to meet your goals.

Benefits of our Environmental and Sustainability Speakers

National Speakers Bureau has an extensive list of exceptional motivational environmental speakers for you to consider. The benefits of engaging one of our professional speakers will be easy to spot during your event:

They Have A Passion For Preserving And Protecting The Environment

Our motivational environmental speakers share a passion for preserving our planet, protecting our environment and improving conditions for the general betterment of our health. Our sustainability speakers enthusiastically want to spread their knowledge and help motivate as many people to do their part as possible.

Hiring an environmental speaker with a strong dedication and commitment to the environment is an important element of a memorable and effective discussion on the subject. Intensity is a dramatic effect that cannot be mimicked, it comes from a deep inner connection and understanding of the urgency of the need to protect the environment from future destruction and irreparable damage.

They Are Top Respected Professionals And Thought-Leaders

Former Toronto Mayor David Miller, noted scientist David Suzuki, astronaut Dave Williams and Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore are among many of our top respected environmental and sustainability speakers who demonstrate a passion for sharing knowledge about the global changes and challenges that we face.

Booking a noted expert with extensive experience speaking about environmental issues will help ensure that your audience’s expectations of being engaged, entertained and educated are met by the end of the discussion.

They Understand Engagement

Professionals who are accustomed to speaking publicly can do so with ease and a good motivational speaker can discuss a topic and simultaneously educate while engaging the audience and entertaining them. Great speakers make learning memorable and interesting.

The best environmental speakers engage the audience, generating interest in the information as it unfolds, revealing important educational facts without sacrificing the element of entertainment and effectively keeping the audience interested.

They Provide Inspiration And A Call To Action

The best environmental keynote speakers are able to explain the environmental problems that we face and finish with an inspiring call to action to take up the cause and do our part to save the planet. Our speakers will provide insights that your event attendees can use to create calls to action and formulate plans to reduce wastefulness and increase conservation efforts.

For your next conference, meeting or training session, book an environmental speaker with the benefit of experience and expertise. Contact us to include a keynote speaker who will promote the awareness of environmental issues at your next event. Understanding how personal choices impact the environment is a call to action to make small changes now that will have a much larger impact over time.