Linda Nazareth on “Work is Not a Place: Our Lives & Organizations in the Post-Jobs Economy” | Engage Virtual Webinar

Work is not a place anymore. Are you ready for what that means?

The world is changing and so is the very notion of ‘work’. In addition to our aging demographic resulting in a labour shortage, we’re seeing expanding workplace trends to include remote-first workplaces, robot workers, and the Great Resignation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this presentation Linda Nazareth casts an economist’s eye to the big trends that are changing our realities and impacting the post-pandemic economy.



Takeaways from her webinar:

  • Hybrid work is here to stay.
  • Upskilling or retraining is becoming a priority.
  • ‘Side hustles’ will be part of our reality and can be successful.
  • We need technology, and we can’t underestimate how much it will change the future.
  • Climate change influences every industry.
  • We must embrace changes, because nothing is going to go backwards.

Linda Nazareth is an accomplished economist futurist. The Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at policy think-tank the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, she is an expert in demographic and economic trends and the way that they will shape our future.

She recently launched her podcast: Work and the Future, and in 2021 she’s focused on her work with: Where We Left Off: Ten Trends Changing the Post-Pandemic Economy.

Linda’s authored several books including Work is not a Place: our lives & our organizations in the post-jobs economy where she engages people in thinking about what the world might look like when we replace the idea of ‘jobs’ with that of ‘work’ – and why that might not be a bad idea at all. Her book Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow, actually started as a presentation to companies looking for help in strategic planning. Economorphics examines the demographic and economic changes hitting the global economy, and the way that they will impact on North American consumers, workers and organizations – with a view to keeping all players ahead of the curve.

Linda also provides specialized economics research and consultancy services to organizations in the private and public sectors. Prior to this, for over a decade, Nazareth was the Senior Economic Analyst for Business News Network and Canada’s only full-time on-air economist.

Earlier in her career, Linda was a Senior Economist with CIBC, and an economist with the federal government. Her additional books include The EverAfter Effect and The Leisure Economy. She is a frequent speaker to business groups, translating economic forecasts into information that can be used for their planning purposes.

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