Back to In-Person Events: What Your Attendees Care About & Value

David AllisonAccording to 600,000 surveys analyzed by The Valuegraphics Project and founder David Allison there are three things to keep in mind when planning your next in-person event.

Design your next live event with these themes at full volume: security, positivity and momentum. If you do, even the most reluctant event attendees will find it irresistible.

Event Planners – Want to bring your attendees back to your in-person events? 

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1. DOUBLE DOWN ON SECURITY: Explain why your event will equate to more employment security, financial security and of course personal security too. Tell these stories loud and proud.

2. KEEP HEALTHY AND SMILING: The reluctant-to-return are super-motivated by health/well-being of all kinds, and will be far more engaged with messages framed in a positive way. Push this content front and center and frame everything with a smile.

3. DELIVER MOMENTUM: The reluctant want to drive things forward, keep getting better, and feel like they are driving the car. They will respond to anything that helps them feel in control and improving. Go to town on messages and programs about anything that will help them achieve.

This year’s audience at IMEX21 heard these first hand as David was a featured speaker at the in-person conference that drew 10,000 RSVPs.

Understanding Valuegraphics  

Watch this two minute video to learn why Valuegraphics is replacing demographics as the true data-based indicators that can predict and influence behavior for anything on earth. 


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