Speakers on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for your Organization

We’re seeing organizations committed to more investment in equity, diversity and inclusion programs for their teams and members.  From improving workplace diversity, to the inclusion of Indigenous and marginalized peoples, to standing with Black Lives Matter and becoming an effective ally, these speakers and facilitators with lived experience can help.

We’ve created this Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Featured Speakers document to inspire ideas for helping your team or members move to a new level of understanding and community in working together and contributing to dismantling systemic racism and inequities. 

Most popular topics include:

  1. Education to Action: Acting with Integrity Against Anti-Black Racism 
  2. Building Resilience & Creating Change Through Collaboration
  3. Learning From Indigenous History and Culture
  4. How to be an Effective Ally
  5. Addressing Unconscious Bias

Learn how focusing on meaningful actions and choices can make creating large scale change accessible.

This is just a sampling to help start the conversation.  Contact us  to discuss options for speakers or programs that can help your organization action your equity, diversity and inclusion goals.  See more speakers on this topic here.


Looking for speakers for your next virtual conference or event? 


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Contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend speakers we’re confident are effective both live and on virtual platforms.