Hire an LGBT Speaker for your Event

Hire an LGBT Speaker for your Event

Engage Attendees At Your Next Event With An Inspiring LGBT Speaker And Accomplish Great Things With The Message Of Inclusivity

Diversity inspires perspective shifts and a deeper connection to understanding the experiences of others around us. Is there a better way to understand how someone else feels than by hearing it directly from them? Teams and groups set themselves up for success by communicating and working together inclusively as a cohesive unit. The LGBT community promotes diversity, inclusivity and respect. Our LGBT keynote speakers will inspire your attendees to see the positive results a unified diverse group can achieve by working together and respecting each other’s differences.

Our accomplished LGBT speakers:

  • Understand the experiences of others and promote allyship for individuals and organizations
  • Believe in facilitating a change of culture that will promote inclusivity and acceptance
  • Are affiliated with important LGBT organizations such as GLAAD and the BFI LGBTQ Festival UK
  • Inspire your attendees to work together as a cohesive unit to meet common goals
  • Help to open up positive discussions about challenging subjects that may not be easy for everyone
  • Have won accolades for the engaging work they have done to promote awareness and change

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During our 40 year history we have cultivated a list of phenomenal speakers and thought-leaders, people who come from a wide-ranging background of disciplines and world-views. We have carefully selected a group of LGBT speakers who we can count on to deliver engaging content during every speaking engagement, including valuable perspectives and real life experiences.

Benefits of our Top LGBT Speakers

In addition to the obvious benefit of booking one of our top picks for an LGBT speaker, (our years of expertise in selecting the best professional speakers), you will receive the following benefits during your event:

Challenging Perspectives That Exclude Others

Our top LGBT speakers are experts in understanding that some long-established worldviews can exclude people who are “different” from them, making it difficult for some people to accept and embrace gender diversity (be it in the workplace or in general).

Understanding the challenges and barriers that some people face in accepting the diversity around them is essential to helping them understand why inclusivity and acceptance is so important in today’s evolving society.

Motivating Attendees To Work Better Together

In any group situation, be it a team in the workplace, group projects, or even a community of people working towards common “greater good” goals – working together with a unified purpose is paramount. Your attendees will be more likely to succeed if they are motivated to work together as a cohesive unit where everyone is treated equally.

Thought-leading LGBT speakers with unique, relatable experiences to share are not only capable of helping your attendees to understand why acceptance and inclusion are essential to great teamwork, but also to motivate them to want to strive for cooperation founded on equality and mutual respect.

Inspiring Real Change

A lack of acceptance and inclusivity within a group is guaranteed to lead to a breakdown of teamwork. Hiring an LGBT speaker will inspire your team to make positive changes that will lead to acceptance of a diverse and inclusive work environment resulting in improvements to teamwork and overall workplace morale. Creating an inclusive space where every individual feels welcome and respected is an important step that begins with real personal changes in thinking.

Our experienced roster of LGBT speakers are available to help you create the awareness and inspiration for a better, more diverse and inclusive Canada. Contact us when you are ready to book a speaking engagement that will empower your guests to accomplish great things.