How to Name Your Brand, Product or Service

Names are everywhere. Names help us communicate and understand the world. At some point, regardless of our industry or roles, we are all tasked with coming up with a name for something. It can be a product or service, a business, an idea, a campaign or a movement. The process of naming affects us all. 

Marketing speaker Jeremy Miller is on a mission to equip audiences with the tools and processes to create a name you will be proud to own. One that’s not only memorable but one that resonates best with your target audience. 

His brand new book and keynote presentation will help you solve the puzzle of naming your brand.

How to Create a Brand Name

Jeremy’s path to becoming one of the top speakers on Branding wasn’t your traditional one. It came as a result of an urgent business need: the family business was in rapid decline. The more Jeremy dug into the root cause of the business problem, he discovered it wasn’t the model, the sales team, or the marketing processes. It was a problem with the brand. The target audience didn’t see the company as unique from anybody else in the space.

This discovery set Jeremy down a path to rebranding the business. What he ended up doing worked and it had tremendous success. Within a year the rebranded company reversed their trajectory and entered a phase rapid growth. Years later, Jeremy sold the business to focus on educating others about the branding lessons he learned from the experience. He now helps leaders and companies grow their brands. With his new book Brand New Name, he focuses on the key pillar of naming. 

Your Internal Creativity

The dread in being tasked with creating a name for something can be overwhelming.

What if my audience doesn’t like it? What if it turns out somebody already has this name trademarked? How much time can I afford to spend on this? What if after all my hard work someone comes up with a better idea off the top of their head?

The temptation here can be to offload the task. Large scale organizations will often engage with expensive advertising agencies. The thinking here is that they should be the experts because they work in the creative space each and every day. Leaders of smaller organizations will often delegate the task of naming to members of their team who don’t even have a proper roadmap to know what success will look like. 

Jeremy shows audiences there’s a different and far more effective way forward. He doesn’t buy into the thought that someone else is more creative or better equipped than you to come up with a name. Everyone is creative provided they’re given a structure and nobody knows your business better than you and your team. 

The Process for Creating an Unforgettable Name

So what’s the roadmap for getting started? Jeremy provides you a proven, easy to implement, three-stage process.

  1. Plan | Assembling a team and developing a strategy.
  2. Sprint | A 5-day exercise to generate potential names.
  3. Select | Test and choose the best name for you. 

Each of these stages has a prescribed list of actions that have been tested in real-world situations and are easy to follow. Jeremy shows you that a highly successful brand naming process doesn’t have to take any longer than 3-4 weeks. These insights can be taken and applied on a smaller scale (or timeline) for any type of naming task. This process really helps take out forms of objective bias and opinion-based decisions by individuals. It helps you get quantifiable, objective naming outcomes that work. 

Branding Keynote or Customized Workshop

How can organizations equip their teams with the skills and insights needed to execute Jeremy’s three-step roadmap to success?  His ‘Everything Starts with a Name‘ keynote helps you understand the importance of naming while also showing you the detailed steps involved in his three-stage naming process. Audiences will learn how names get stuck in your mind while also providing the origin stories of some of the world’s most iconic brand names. It’s a highly entertaining mix of humor and big ideas. Watch the recent highlight clip on how to create a brand name that works: 

This keynote works great when paired with a customized breakout workshop session. Through the keynote presentation on brand naming, you can equip your entire organization with the tools needed to name a product, service, business unit, idea, campaign or movement. A workshop/breakout session for your marketing and leadership team can go even deeper into branding. In this format, Jeremy will help you define where to play, how to win, and how you want your brand to be known. He distills these big ideas into a simple, practical strategy: A Brand on a Page. In a page or two, you will be able to define your brand strategy and how you plan to grow to the next level.


Brand Name Speaker Jeremy Miller


If you’re looking for to test-run Jeremy’s process on a personal level, we recommend picking up a copy of his book on Amazon:



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