Anna Maria Tremonti | Current Events and Future Opportunities

Over her tenure hosting CBC’s most listened to radio show, Anna Maria Tremonti has become well acquainted with a “smart, curious audience [that] wanted to hear about all the things we’ve brought forward on this show”. Now Anna Maria is using her award-winning journalistic style to encourage knowledge-sharing, public dialogue, and social transformation through keynotes that connect current events to individual people.

“People tell me the most amazing things” – Anna Maria Tremonti

Connecting the Dots: Current Events To Future Opportunities

Anna Maria Tremonti has spent her career at the forefront of Canadian and world events. She sees the patterns in how our world is evolving, anticipates what will make an impact, resonate with humanity, and the resulting chain reactions that will shape our future. Customized to suit your audience and event, in this keynote she’ll share her perspectives on the context of where we’ve come from, the relevance of our current era, and the direction she senses for our future to help you and your organization make connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to find quality information & resources you can trust.
    • The ways human interaction can be harnessed to positively affect the future.
    • How to empower others to live differently & connect their own dots.

Brand New Podcast

Anna Maria is taking her mix of truth-seeking journalism and human-seeing empathy into the digital realm with her debut podcast. After 17 seasons as the founding host of CBC’s The Current, she will be pushing the boundaries of storytelling and idea-sharing in her new long-form interview podcast. Using her no-nonsense reporting and insightful questioning she will dive deep into the grit and key themes that have influenced the life and work of a diverse group high profile guests. Mark your calendars, this is already one of the most awaited new podcasts of 2020.

Sample Reviews for Anna Maria Tremonti

“Tremonti doesn’t shy away from nuance and complexity but rather investigates why such complexity exists. Her brand of journalism is premised on a measured approach to truth-seeking that is essential in our increasingly polarized political and social context. Tremonti’s career demonstrates her commitment to journalism and how she encourages knowledge sharing, public dialogue, and social transformation. Fellow journalists have lauded her willingness to seek out stories that affect how we live as human beings.” –From the introduction to her Convocation Speech at Royal Roads University

“Her ability to listen, to ask thoughtful and probing questions, her depth from years in the field, her empathy, and her award-winning journalism will continue to serve our audiences in podcasting.” -Susan Marjetti, executive director of CBC Radio and Audio


If you’re searching for a communications expert to connect the dots between Canadian and international affairs to your organization, Anna Maria Tremonti is the speaker for you.