12 Strategies to Maximize Leadership Potential | Adam Kreek’s Responsibility Ethic

What happens when we live on a diet of quick-fixes for ongoing problems? We settle, we deflect blame, we don’t invest the time needed for growth. Deep down, we all know that true change will only come by changing our internal self. 

Success comes through responsibility.

We all want a better future for ourselves, our organizations and for those around us. But the challenge is getting there on a consistent basis. How do we do a better job of achieving successful outcomes? Leadership speaker Adam Kreek works with organizations to help their decision-makers influence others to achieve outcomes and maximize their leadership potential, by using his twelve strategies to maximize leadership potential. 

One of the key challenges he’s seen in this work is overcoming the desire for a quick-fix external solution. It’s a problem Adam believes we’ve been oversold as a society. That desire for a shortcut, a hack, an insider secret for getting where we want to in life. It’s everywhere in the self-help space. But is it really getting us anywhere?

Adam Kreek’s brand new book The Responsibility Ethic shows business leaders how to chase their ambitions and to take responsibility for their success. It weaves in some of the lessons shared in his acclaimed keynote presentations. Adam helps us realize our full potential at any stage of our career and lives.

Boost your leadership

Adam Kreek has consistently defied the odds to find greater achievement in all facets of his life. He survived a capsize in the Bermuda Triangle after an ocean expedition 73 days at sea. He bounced back from a disappointing loss at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games to capture a gold medal 4 years later in Beijing.

In this new speaker book, Adam Kreek shares the 12 essential principles of self-leadership that have fueled his incredible accomplishments―and shows you how to master these principles in whatever it is you do. It’s a mix of business case studies, personal development insights, and biography. All laid out in a way that inspires you to take action. 

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How to accomplish more of your leadership potential

This new book empowers readers to maximize their potential by focusing on twelve Responsibility Ethics. Each has a chapter dedicated to it, which enables you to use it as reference material for future challenges or unexpected situations arise. The twelve ethics shared by Adam are:

  1. Take Responsibility for Your Fear of Failure
  2. Take Responsibility for Your Goals
  3. Take Responsibility for Sharing Leadership
  4. Take Responsibility for Your Stress
  5. Take Responsibility for Your Professionalism
  6. Take Responsibility for Your Recovery
  7. Take Responsibility for Your Coaching & Mentoring
  8. Take Responsibility for The People in Your Boat
  9. Take Responsibility for Your Safety (and the Safety of Others)
  10. Take Responsibility for Your Communication
  11. Take Responsibility for Your Resilience
  12. Take Responsibility for Enacting Providence


Each chapter combines three key elements: a story, break-out learning lessons and a section of prompts to help in internal reflection.

The stories are captivating and start off with a bang. In the Fear of Failure ethic, Adam tells the introspective story of a life-threatening failure. A rogue wave capsized the boat he and his team were traveling in, 73 days into an expedition from Darak, Senegal to Miami, Florida. Everyone survived and was eventually rescued by the Coast Guard, but the team was able to parlay this near-disaster into opportunity by taking advantage of the media attention directed at them to promote their cause. The media campaign had a 300% ROI on their initial advertising dollars. This gripping story explores Adam’s thoughts in a moment of failure. Rather than let the moment destroy all that they were working toward, the team was able to take a few moments, reflect on what they learned, achieved and enjoyed during their process of non-attainment. 

The break-out learnings are an easy-to-remember set of processes that can be used in situations similar to those being shared in the story to overcome an obstacle. In Ethic 4, Take Responsibility For Your Stress, Adam injects a four-step process transform negative stress into positive thinking:
(1) Manage It – Breathing exercise to manage fight-or-flight energy,
(2) Own It – Commit to a decision and the make most of it,
(3) Redefine It – Use stress to fuel action and
(4) Act – Do, Delegate, Delete or Defer.

Adam helps you strengthen your ethic by providing prompts for internal reflection. In the ethic covering Communication, he gives you questions to assess your own communication style which covers elements such as transparency, openness and how it relates to teamwork on a corporate level. He then provides 13 ways you can apply the lessons in your life, which includes points such as: ‘debate ideas, not people’ to ‘Be an active listener.’

A blueprint for you to improve your leadership

Using this particular structure Adam Kreek has provided a blueprint for maximizing your leadership potential in a way that gets to the core of how we learn:
a) The story activates the brain for learning as we relate it to one of our existing experiences.
b) The break-out processes guide your action.
c) The prompts help assess our current situations as they relate to where we want to get to. 

We have the ability to choose our response to the events in our life and to choose our response to the events in our work. At its core, the lessons shared in Responsibility Ethic are informed power. Readers will be equipped with the information to influence yourself and those around you. 



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