Election Primer | Speakers On: Canadian Politics

Canada’s 2019 Federal Election is right around the corner and it’s shaping up to be a campaign season filled with plenty of uncertainty. With the world’s political climate shifting, many organizations are left wondering how to prepare for these changes in global relations. With changes in policy all but certain, will your organization be prepared for the impacts on your industry?

Experts on Canadian Politics

Now, more than ever, the question of who to trust when it comes to sourcing information is paramount. With algorithms, #fakenews, and politically-motivated commentary skewing the legitimacy of messaging, Canadian’s are looking for respected political experts to help them navigate the news cycle of election season.

From key legislative issues, socioeconomic developments, and analysis of impact for various industries, our speakers on Canadian politics bring perspectives that matter. We’ve compiled a list of the political experts in the fields that matter to you. These experts on Canadian politics are great options as a keynote speaker or as a part of a panel for event professionals looking to put on events focused on what’s next for your audience after the vote?

The Numbers Perspective

Pollsters play a central role throughout elections with their ability to provide quantified insights of society, markets and people. This election, Darrell Bricker is the go-to numbers guy for understanding what Canadian’s think about practically everything. As the CEO of IPSOS Public Affairs, he has a team of leading experts in designing and managing complex research studies. They’ve already shared some fascinating insights including:

Most people believe fake news is made worse by the Internet (87%) and negatively impacts political discourse in their country (83%).
Only 32% of Canadians want Trudeau Government Re-Elected.
Healthcare (by a wide margin) is what Canadians want to see political parties focus on addressing in their election platforms for the federal election this fall. 
A majority of British Columbians in support of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

His customized keynote ‘What Canadians Think: About Practically Everything‘ shows audiences they don’t really know their country as well as they might think. Through the latest demographic and public opinion information, he paints a fascinating picture of the Canada of today and the Canada of tomorrow. Audiences will learn why Canadians think the way they do, how this applies to your organization, and which trends will have have a big impact on your organization’s future.


The West Coast Perspective

BC Politics Speaker Vaughn PalmerA big & diverse province, British Columbia is a unique political landscape. Nobody knows the intricacies more than the Vancouver Sun’s provincial affairs political columnist Vaughn Palmer. He truly has his finger on the pulse; as evidence is his ability to break down the regional political leanings within the province, and what it means from a perspective of power. This election season, look for Vaughn to offer plenty of insights on the parties’ strategic approaches to key points concerning the west coast especially, including pipelines, job-creation, climate action & more. 

Vaughn’s keynote presentations are focused on current events, making each talk a unique experience. Audiences will hear the latest political developments & get honest, candid insights on what it might mean for their organization. 


The National Perspective

A familiar face on the At Issue panel on CBC’s The National, Chantal Hébert is a national affairs writer with the Toronto Star. From the unforeseen change in the dynamics of Canada’s federal parties to the internal fractures within the parties, Chantal has already started to dig into the momentum surrounding each of the federal parties.

As a speaker, Chantal excels in breaking down the impact of Public Policy initiatives. From taxes, labour, trade and many other areas important to the audience, she helps organizations see the incoming horizon to help them in optimizing their strategy. 



An original member of the National Post, Andrew Coyne has established himself as one of Canada’s most thoughtful, passionate, and articulate commentators on political and economic issues.  He reminds us, election campaigns are always a nasty experience, so the focus on fake news & foreign agents attempting to influence outcomes might be an exaggerated panic. Andrew believes this election will see a shift in power as Ontario voters begin to identify with western voters.  With population movements giving Alberta and the West greater voting power in potential outcomes, he says this vote might hinge on cheap oil.

Andrew’s keynote presentations help bring clarity to the social, political, media, and economic issues shaping the country today. His insights are always provocative, challenging and witty, helping audiences engage with discussions at hand.




With the House of Commons adjourned for summer break, Chantal and Andrew recently looked ahead to the key issues leading up to the federal election:

For over 20 years Rex Murphy was the host and moderator of CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup. The show brought over 1 million listeners and at times 15,000 callers wanting to join in discussions – so he knows a thing or two about what Canadians from coast-to-coast think. He writes a Saturday column in the National Post and audiences previously enjoyed his weekly commentary on CBC’s The National. 

Rex says the focus of this election, as in past elections, should be on the leaders rather than the platforms. In a recent column, he notes, “the greatest leverage in taking down a leader is the faults, foibles, and failures that he or she has, during the previous term, put on the plate for his or her opponents.” This is how organizations should evaluate potential election outcomes & how policy changes will affect them. 

Fearless and thought-provoking, Rex’s customized keynote presentations bring intellect and biting humour that entertain as much as they inform and fascinate. Some of his most requested areas of focus include the Canadian resource sector (mining, oil & gas, fishing) and education. 




These experts on Canadian Politics will help make sense of what is sure to be an information-heavy election campaign.