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Rex Murphy

Speaker Exclusive

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Social Commentator, Editorialist & Distinct Canadian Voice

Canadians are treated to Rex’s Saturday column in the National Post and previously enjoyed his weekly commentary on CBC’s The National. The one and only Rex Murphy is a trusted face and voice across Canadian media. His intellect and biting humour strike through the heart of profound political and social issues. 

Keynote Speeches

Each presentation is customized to your topic and audience with a touch of his delicious “Rex appeal.”
Canadian Resources

In this inspiring presentation, Rex highlights the importance of the resource industries to this country’s economy and society. He shares some of his second-hand experience with mining in Newfoundland to show the benefits of moving towards modern technology. Rex argues that we need to have a more balanced view on the resource industries, a domain which provides the essential elements of civilization.



In this presentation, Rex will address the meaning of education—what’s involved in the transaction between student and teacher, and what education is and why we value it. He brings forth a rich dialogue that challenges our education system to do more to help our young people succeed in today’s competitive job market. Rex encourages educators to liberate the spirit and intelligence of young people.

Issues of the Day
If anyone has his finger on the pulse of Canadians in every walk of life, it is Rex Murphy. In this fully-customized presentation, Rex will provide his fearless and thought-provoking views on a head-spinning range of subjects. You will be informed, infuriated perhaps, but always fascinated.

Issues of the Day

If anyone has his finger on the pulse of Canadians in every walk of life, it is Rex Murphy. In this fully-customized presentation, Rex will provide his fearless and thought-provoking views on a head-spinning range of subjects. You will be informed, infuriated perhaps, but always fascinated.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Panelist/In Conversation

Audience reviews:

  • I just wanted to send our thanks to you for your amazing presentation at our ATB Energy Leaders Dinner on Wednesday night. Not only were you incredibly generous with your time by offering to meet our ATB colleagues for coffee in the morning, your keynote presentation was fantastic! We've been getting several emails from our clients to thank us for such an interesting and inspiring evening. They loved your passion, insightful observations, and well-considered opinions on what the energy industry means to Canada. Although most of the people in the room manage huge organizations, they loved feeling like they had "permission" to feel proud of their contributions. Your humble, accessible approach and real-life stories really resonated with the audience.

    - ATB Financial
  • You made a superb presentation. Judging by the standing ovation by over 1,000 of our delegates, it would appear they would agree... I don't believe that I've heard anyone describe the role of local government so succinctly and eloquently as you did that evening.

    - Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
  • Our members are living through great uncertainties. You gave us many reasons to value ourselves - individually and collectively - through the difficult times, which lie ahead. Once again we congratulate you on the quality and power of your presentation.

    - Teachers' Federation of Carleton
  • Rex did an outstanding job at our event …and it was certainly well received and articulated as such by many of the attendees. He balanced a poignant message on the importance of mental health with lighter anecdotes and tales which set a great tone for the lunch.

    - Foundation of the Canadian Psychiatric Association
  • Rex was a big hit with our attendees, who thought his speech was both hilariously witty and insightful. A perfect combination. He was also very gracious and posed for photos with some of our members, which we certainly appreciate. We were very impressed by his professionalism.

    - Director of Communications, Chamber of Marine Commerce
  • Rex Murphy was beyond witty and charming--really spectacular. I laughed at the comic parts of his speech until the tears were streaming down. Everyone is still talking about it!

    - Jewish National Fund of Montreal
  • He did such an amazing job of tying a few different storylines together into what makes the Canadian culture unique. He did so in a way that resonated with both Fountain Tire’s culture and values, and built a connection with people from across the country.

    - Director of Marketing & Communications, Fountain Tire
  • Rex was great. His ability to connect with an audience and leave a lasting impression was certainly felt by all. Have only heard positive things back from our membership.

    - Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen

Speaker Biography

Canadians are treated to weekly commentary from Rex on CBC’s The National along with his Saturday column in the National Post. He’s also acted as an editorial contributor to CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera. For over 20 years he was the host and moderator of CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup. The show brought over 1 million listeners and at times 15,000 callers wanting to join in discussions.

As a keynote speaker, Rex radiates intelligence and trustworthiness. He’s been described as “inimitable.” His endearing style brings forth a sarcastic intellect and deep insight into issues affecting individuals and businesses.

Audiences can expect to be simultaneously informed and entertained by Rex’s provocative commentary. He knows what makes Canadians tick, and what drives our political and social affairs. Rex makes us important and reminds us we have culture beyond hockey. His thought-provoking, sometimes stinging commentary and original insights are delivered through a vocabulary to make Webster’s consider updating.

A Rhodes Scholar, Rex was born and raised in St. John’s, Nfld., where he graduated from Memorial University. He went to Oxford University, along with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Rex later ran twice in provincial elections and lost both times. Maybe he was too honest?