The Power of Story with Executive Coach & Olympian Adam Kreek

Executive Coach & Olympian Adam Kreek, recently delivered a powerful new talk on the Importance of Story. This presentation helps inspire & motivate audiences – both personally and professionally – to utilize Story to help increase engagement, retention & overall impact they have when communicating.

We’ve got a digest on the key takeaways from Adam’s presentation:



Adam Kreek | Management Consultant, Gold Medal Olympian & Executive Coach

“Fear is the tax we must pay to experience the incredible.”

Adam shared his story – from his Olympic Wins & Losses to rowing across the Atlantic Ocean before asking us ‘how mindful are you of your story?’ and how does it impact how you make decisions or inspire others?

  • Incorporate three key items, so that your audience is more likely to learn from you:

    • Tell stories.
    • Teach philosophies.
    • Involve the audience.

  • Give your audience marginal gains

    • These will add up to big changes over time.  Adam uses the concept of ‘inches’ – each inch gets you closer to your goal and these small wins motivate you to keep going. 

  • The formula for story can follow a pattern:

    • Initiation | Describe the old normal
    • Threshold | Crossed because of an external force
    • Separation | Trials, Failures, Challenges & Small Victories
    • Return | The big win. Share your learnings with actions & benefits

  • How Adam discovered his Olympic story:

    • Initiation | An average kid hoping to live an average life.
    • Threshold | A coach who told him ‘Adam, you’re an Olympian, you just don’t know it yet.’
    • Separation | He won & struggled. He failed & struggled. He won and is happy.
    • Return | When he learned that success is not final and failure is not fatal, and found the strength to continue.

Check out the highlights from Adam’s presentation here: 


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