Election 2016: Speakers Share Their Perspectives

An election season that saw rules rewritten and divisions deepened, a myriad of voices and opinions weighed in to help audiences make sense of it all. As we all adjust to this new political landscape, we contemplate what it will mean for our businesses, our politics, and our future. The media played a huge part in shaping our collective narrative over the course of the 18-month campaign. We reflect on what happened, why, and where we go from here. In these transitionary times, we look to these experts for guidance on what we can expect over the next four years, from Culture Change, Business, the Economy, Change Management and Human Rights & Social Change. We have collected and curated pieces from our thought-leading speakers from both sides of the border to give you a bit of context and help navigate through the noise:  

Culture Critic Jesse Wente on MetroMorning | ‘We will wish we prevented this’

Jesse-Wente-HiRes-jw headshot sitting corner

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The Atlantic’s David FrumCan Republicans Contain Trump?


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Mass and New Media Expert Tony Chapman | Like him or hate him, we can all learn from how Trump became voter ‘worthy’.


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Canada’s 1st Female Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell on CBC News

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Esquire Magazine‘s Stephen Marche |  The End of American Greatness


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Fortune’s  Geoff ColvinHow Big Business Can Prepare for the Trump Presidency


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Harvard Historian & Economist Niall Ferguson | Trump Had the Perfect Recipe to Become Popular

Niall Ferguson

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