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David Allison

Speaker Exclusive

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Behavioral Science Pioneer, Valuegraphics Founder

David Allison is a consumer behavior expert, an advisor to global brands, and a leading advocate for discarding demographic stereotypes. He is the behavioral science pioneer behind Valuegraphics: the world’s first database that can predict and influence behavior for anything on earth. The database makes it possible, for the first time in history, to identify the shared values of any group of people, helping organizations create exponentially better customer engagement and point the way to a less divided world.


Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynote/Online Event | What Buttons to Push: The Values that Trigger Behavior

How can you effectively trigger behavior within your audience to take action? Instead of relying on guesswork and opinion to understand why groups of people behave the way they do, David Allison’s Valuegraphic profiles use innovative data collection to reveal the truth behind what people value the most. This is the fundamental disruption of our time: we can now predict and influence what people will do next.

This online presentation consists of two elements:
1 – A custom Valuegraphics research study on your industry. The highlights of the findings are shared with your team via online video.
2 – A virtual keynote presentation diving deep into the findings followed by online Q&A with David and your team on how to apply these insights.

The Inheritors: Engaging the Next Generation of Wealth

As the greatest generational transfer of wealth begins, boardrooms in all sectors are buzzing with speculation about how to respond. What does Next Gen Wealth want from their financial advisors? How will they choose their financial institutions? How do investment and insurance products need to change? In other words, what does Next Gen Wealth care about most? Based on the first-ever study of the shared values of the wealthiest inheritors in the US and Canada, this keynote can be tailored to address the most pressing questions your audience has about their own evolution, and how to meet the needs of Wealth 2.0.

Human Resources | Every Day at Work Can be The Best Day Ever: Values Thinking for Hiring and Workplace Culture

A custom Valuegraphics keynote for your organization/industry will help you boost employee attraction, happiness and retention rates, and point to culture-building strategies that will make everyone more engaged.  Once you know the precise values your teams care about most, you can design training systems, compensation packages, succession plans, rewards and recognition programs that people truly value. You will be able to hire new recruits who will fit in and stick around longer because their values are aligned. Values Thinking can be the new best practice for HR professionals around the world.

Leadership | Do The Right Things in The Right Way

Leadership is never straightforward, and it’s most confusing during times of industry disruption and change. It’s difficult to know who is interacting with you in an authentic manner – and who isn’t – while your organization transforms. But, once you understand the Valuegraphics of your teams, you’ll know exactly how to lead them…with statistical accuracy….regardless of external or internal conditions. Disruption and technology will keep coming and going, but our true values are the North Star that will remain the same.

Innovation | What Happens Next? Values Thinking and the Future of Your Industry

Technology, disruption and innovation have caused cultural shifts that no one predicted.  Everything has changed, and will only keep changing, faster than ever before. Our shared human values can help us understand and prepare for whatever comes next. This custom-keynote is a look into the future, based on predictive data derived from the Valuegraphics Database, focusing on the people you want to understand most. What will your customers do when X happens? If Y is your strategy for growth, what values must be triggered for it to work? What do you want to know about the future behavior of your target audience? Values can predict behavior, and help you prepare for any future surprises.

Customized Keynotes

David will create a custom keynote packed with powerful insights from the proprietary Valuegraphics Database of surveys from around the world. This is the new science of understanding and changing behavior and it’s 8X more powerful than ever before.

David also offers customized presentations on cannabis, real estate, luxury, retail and more. View a full list of his presentations here.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Valuegraphics Consulting
David Allison's Valuegraphics guidelines for your organization will multiply the effectiveness of your planning, design and marketing communication efforts as much as eight times over.
Precision Plus | The Power Panel
Roughly a week before your event, David will reveal the results of his custom research to your own handpicked panel of the most powerful thought leaders from your organization or industry sector.

After his keynote, David will lead your experts in a lively panel discussion about the precise values that trigger behavior for your industry, and how they can be put to use.

Your attendees will be doubly prepared to tackle the issues: empowered with the knowledge they need from David’s data-driven keynote, plus priceless insights from the leaders they respect most.

(Add a 30-minute slot to the keynote)

Audience reviews:

  • Smart, relevant, engaging: an absolute delight to work with. On a scale of 10, he’s a 12!
    - Director of Education, Canadian Society Of Association Executives
  • David is one of our favorite speakers to book for business conferences. Each time he speaks, the feedback from delegates is excellent.  They enjoy his energetic and fun delivery but more importantly leave with information that asks them to look at the world in a different way.  Pushing people out of their normal day-to-day thinking is a part of what educational events such as ours strive to do, and David helps us meet those objectives regardless of the size or makeup of the audience.

    - Director, Conference Management & Marketing | Global Exhibitions | INFORMA EXHIBITIONS
  • Our internal shared values and those of our customers must be a priority, and David's research makes values a useful tool for meeting business objectives. He's a great speaker too! The whole room was excited and interested in thinking about big new thoughts!
    - President & CEO, Intracorp North America
  • David Allison sees and hears the patterns in the noise — and is then able to tell us what the real signal is. He's a born storyteller and people love him.

    - Douglas Coupland | Artist, Author
  • Audiences could listen to him all day!

    - Producer and Managing Director, Big Picture Conferences
  • Entirely new and quite priceless audience insights.

    - VP Consumer Innovation & Design, AMER SPORTS, Finland
  • Engaging, thought-provoking and overall fantastic!

    - Planner, Challenger Summit 2019
  • Amazing delivery! Hit it out of the park!! Well Done!

    - CEO, Middle East Council of Shopping Centres
  • So customized for us, a whole new perspective, a joy to work with. Book him!

    - VP Member Services, National Gift Association

Speaker Biography

David Allison spent 20 years at a succession of marketing firms and in senior roles with luxury brands working on campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. He then launched his own award-winning marketing strategy company in 2005. All this left him questioning a fundamental concept of marketing: in a post-demographic era when age, gender, income, and education no longer restrict how we choose to live, he wondered, why are we still using demographics to understand how target audiences behave?

He sold his firm in 2015, and began work with a team of university researchers to launch, collect and analyze a half-million surveys about why groups of people behave the way they do. The data was immediately clear on two points. First, demographics were a shockingly ineffective way to understand how groups behaved. More importantly, leveraging shared values turned out to be the most powerful way he’d ever seen to trigger behavior for anything. Now, for the first time, there was accessible, customizable, empirical data that proved what we value determines what we do.

Further data analysis revealed that we waste 90% of our time and money trying to engage target audiences using demographics. What could we do with 90% of our financial and human resources re-deployed elsewhere? What if we only did things that people cared about? Wouldn’t the world be better off if everything was based on the values we share?

Since then, David has coined the term, and become a champion of, Values Thinking, the new best practice for organizational decision-making in a post-demographic world. His background consulting, writing, speaking, and creating simple stories from complex ideas has helped amplify the global shift away from outdated demographic stereotypes towards a more inclusive values-based society. His company provides clients such as the United Nations, Wall Street hedge funds, and global consumer brands with data-driven personas that pinpoint precisely which values most powerfully trigger behavior for anything on earth. His mission is to change the way we look at the world.

His latest book, We Are All the Same Age Now: Valuegraphics and the End of Demographic Stereotypes, was a number one global marketing bestseller within 48 hours of its release. Kirkus Reviews called it “A genuinely original contribution to marketing literature,” and INC Magazine named it one of the top ten leadership books of the year. 

David shows audiences how to harness that energy to captivate attention and influence what people do next. For any audience, his fully-customized keynotes pinpoint the specific values required to motivate whoever they want to reach, build better brands, and help create a values-driven world.

We must stop using demographic stereotypes. They are not accurate, and they cause a great deal of harm. Instead we must use our shared human values to guide us. For better marketing and a better world.”  – David Allison