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Trevor Linden


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver Canucks President, Former NHL Player & Olympian

A former NHL player, Trevor Linden is the current President of Hockey Operations for the Vancouver Canucks. He was the first Canuck player to participate in over 1,000 games.  He retired from play in 2008 after 19 seasons in the league. He is known as one of the game’s classiest players on and off the ice.

Keynote Speeches

Lessons in Leadership

Trevor Linden demonstrated ultimate leadership skills on the ice in his 20-year NHL career. His talent, character and commitment to community have made him an admired figure throughout the hockey world. In this presentation, Trevor shares insights he’s gained leading teams on and off the ice. From respect to leading by actions, he provides audiences with the foundational elements necessary to excel in leadership positions.





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In Conversation | Leadership from the Boardroom to the Locker Room

Audience reviews:

  • Trevor had a standing ovation before he even got on the stage...everyone was just so enthralled with his presence. He did deliver a good message about teamwork and leaders and was very genuine in his delivery. He had a standing O when he was finished and he later participated in one of the prize giveaways.

    - Vancouver Tourism Awards

Speaker Biography

Trevor Linden played 20 seasons in the NHL from 1988 to 2008. He played 16 of those seasons with the Vancouver Canucks earning him the nickname “Captain Canuck”.

Throughout his hockey career, Trevor was respected as a leader both on the ice and in the community. His 20 years of wins, losses and ups & downs make for a great story. Now as an engaging, honest and highly regarded speaker he talks about leadership, teamwork and the life lessons he learned along the way.

Since retiring, Trevor has entered the business world with the same focus he took to the ice for 20 years. His dedication to the community continues to make him one of Canada’s most respected athletes. 
Fitness and high-performance continue to be a big part of Trevor’s life. He enjoys cycling and cross country skiing and has completed several international races in both sports. You can spot him training around Vancouver, Whistler and the Okanagan year round.