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Sarain Fox

Activist, Host of RISE on VICELAND & Future History

Sarain Fox is a dancer, choreographer, activist and television host. A storyteller at heart, she combines these various mediums to amplify the voices of her people in hopes of creating meaningful dialogue between her indigenous community and settler communities. Sarain’s screen highlights include Rise (Viceland), Cut-Off (Viceland) and APTN’s Future History.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Career Development | The Golden Thread
In today’s information-heavy world, we’re exposed to more individuals (and their unique experiences) than ever before. This has had a profound impact on identifying a career path. With an abundance of fields you may be deeply connected with, the adage “follow your passion” no longer holds weight.

From styling music videos for artists like A Tribe Called Red, to landing influencer deals with major brands like Harley Davidson and Canada Goose, to hosting RISE at the frontlines of Indigenous communities – Sarain Fox has built her career at the cross-section of activism and media. In this presentation, she provides audiences with a new lens to explore career development. Sarain shares crucial career lessons including – the myth of the “big break”, the reality of imposter syndrome and the invaluable impact of believing in yourself (cheesy but true!). Audiences will leave with the tools needed to shift from seeking something they want to do, to finding a way to make the things they love to do coexist. The golden thread that ties it all together!

Key Takeaways:
• How to think differently about your future career & discover what will lead you to become your most authentic self.
• Strategies to cope with the harsh realities of a culture obsessed with profit and beauty ideals.

The power of honest introductions
How do you introduce yourself? Do you acknowledge and share who you really are? Sarain Fox, storyteller, Indigenous activist, and television host, shares stories about the power of introductions as a gateway to our personal truths and to connect us to what we have in common: each other.

Platform Plus

From the screen to the stage, Sarain brings a thoughtful, engaging approach to her role as host. She helps weave together insights & dialogue to help tell a story that motivates audiences to action. Her hosting duties on screen include RISE on VICELAND & Future History on APTN. On-stage, she's hosted events of all sizes, from small intimate discussions to large arena-filled celebrations like WE Day.

Summary Profile

Sarain explains that, “through film and acting my goal is to tell the stories that allow us to relearn our self’s as aboriginal people.” Through her pursuit of projects in film industry, Sarain hopes to open new doors and opportunities for Aboriginal youths.

Already well on her way, Sarain has worked on several major projects: she was cast as Sacheen Little Feather in “The Andy Warhol Interview Project” which debuted at the Vienna Film Festival in June 2007 and was involved in the ARG re-release of the CBS TV drama “Jericho”.

Sarain is strong and nimble not only as an intellect; she has also been studying, practicing and performing as a professional dancer.