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Dr. Roberta Bondar


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canada's First Female Astronaut & Acclaimed Nature Photographer

Dr. Roberta Bondar is unique, not just for being the world’s first neurologist in space or for her pioneering space medicine research. Academically one of the most distinguished astronauts to have flown in space, Dr. Bondar is also the only astronaut to use fine art photography to explore and reveal Earth’s natural environment from the surface.

Keynote Speeches

The Challenge of Change

Each of us is on a journey that is uncharted.  We need skill sets and opportunity so we’re not constrained just by the known.  We need to embrace change and the unknown.


Touching the Earth... a lifelong relationship

Touching the Earth is an amazing visual and spoken testament to the beauty and variety of our planet. Dr. Bondar contrasts her two views of “home”, with photographs from space and her early photography from its surface, accompanied by the words of her journey and reflections on our environment.


Dream Building, Vision Planning
Energy for Critical Thinkers

Journey Through Space

Understanding the Present – Launching the Future (For Educators)

Understanding the Present - Launching the Future (For Educators)

Audience reviews:

  • I was very impressed with how Dr. Bondar created the presentation feeding off our program theme. It was obvious she created this presentation for us and inter-weaved her experience into her presentation. Dr. Bondar also spoke with apparently no notes. Her presentation style was disarming, and she connected with the audience. Her handling of the question period was entertaining and inclusive.

    - Association of BC Foresters
  • It was thrilling to be reminded of the global and supra-global context of things - I was put in mind also of the impact of recent images of Titan with their familiar looking landscapes but created by forces and chemistry so totally at odds with ours ("provincially") on Earth. I thank you for re-igniting them for me.

    - Saskatchewan Council of Senior Federation Officials

Speaker Biography

Dr. Bondar draws on her remarkable depth of expertise as an astronaut, physician, scientific researcher, photographer, author, environment interpreter, and team leader to stimulate, motivate, educate, and inspire. She first came to international prominence as the world’s first neurologist in space, as an astronaut on the space shuttle Discovery mission STS 42 in 1992. Globally recognized for her contributions to space medicine, Dr. Bondar continued as head of an international space medicine research team working with NASA for more than a decade, finding new connections between recovering from floating in space and neurological illnesses such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

Seeing the world through the lenses of a medical doctor, scientist, photographer, astronaut and author, Dr. Bondar follows in her family’s tradition of excellence in teaching. Trained as a member of NASA’s Earth Observation Team Dr. Bondar expanded her professional photographic expertise. After her space mission, she continued her photographic explorations honing her artistic and technical skills as an honors student in Professional Nature Photography. As a landscape photographer her work is represented by galleries in London, England, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary and is featured in numerous books and other publications.

As both a consultant and presenter, she has worked with CEOs and business leaders around the world who face the challenges of a business environment that is in continuous change. Her insights on creative problem solving, productivity, organizational culture, process and group dynamics have earned her a reputation as a thought leader and innovator on the cutting edge of leadership and change management.

Dr. Bondar is a true Renaissance woman and a great Canadian icon who exhibits a human curiosity and unending drive to reach, and help others reach higher capabilities. She exudes genuine wholesomeness, selflessness, and an unassuming style that makes even the most scientifically uninitiated among us feel comfortable, inspired and ready to learn more under her guidance.