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Ramy Nassar

Speaker Exclusive

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

AI, Emerging Technology & Strategic Foresight Speaker and Facilitator

Ramy Nassar is an author and award-winning keynote speaker and facilitator who helps organizations leverage the transformative power of AI + Emerging Technology and Strategic Foresight. With nearly 25 years experience in technology, and as the former Head of Innovation for Mattel, he leads presentations and workshops with organizations around the world to drive innovation and transformative growth.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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Innovation and Design Thinking

During this session, attendees will gain valuable and actionable takeaways, which may include:

  1. Understanding the importance of a data-driven approach to innovation
    Learn how to leverage key operational and customer experience metrics to drive innovation within your organization.
  2. Design thinking framework
    Discover the iterative approach that Ramy Nassar advocates, from proof of concept to minimum viable product (MVP), and ultimately the successful commercialization of new technologies.
  3. Applying innovation strategies in your own business
    Gain insights and practical tips on how to implement innovative practices within your organization, based on Ramy’s experiences leading corporate innovation programs for renowned companies.
  4. Overcoming challenges in innovation
    Explore potential hurdles and learn strategies to overcome them, as Ramy shares his expertise in navigating the complexities of innovation in different industries.
  5. Inspiring a culture of innovation
    Discover how to foster a company culture that embraces and encourages innovation, enabling your team to consistently generate groundbreaking ideas and drive growth.
Harnessing the Power of AI & ChatGPT to Drive Digital Transformation

As emerging technologies continue to transform organizations, businesses must adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. AI and ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, have emerged as powerful tools to drive transformation. This keynote explores the potential of AI & ChatGPT in automating business processes, enhancing customer experiences, and driving strategic growth.

The audience will learn about the AI transformation ladder, which provides a structured framework to go from foundations to ROI-driving applications within a specific business context.

The presentation will touch upon the human implications of leveraging AI within organizations and the importance of considering potential risks, such as data bias, when working with these technologies. With hands-on examples, case studies, and best practices, participants will leave feeling inspired and equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT.

Best for: Large groups who are looking to better understand the potential positive disruptive impacts of AI + Emerging Technology and want to transform the next generation of products, services, and platforms.

Outcomes: Participants will gain a foundational understanding of machine learning, AI, and specific technologies (predictive analytics, automation, ChatGPT, etc.) and how to leverage these platforms to drive growth & change within their organizations.

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Futureproof Your Organization with a Foresight Mindset

Organizations today are facing threats from more sources than ever. Strategic Foresight is a structured and scalable approach to uncover the signals, trends, and forces that will disrupt your business – whether positively or negatively. The Foresight Mindset ™ enables organizations to become more resilient to disruption and empowers leaders to think strategically about initiatives and investments that will drive growth.

In this presentation, participants will learn specific approaches and practical tools for Strategic Foresight that will empower them to confidently make decisions in an increasingly uncertain world.

Leveraging a Foresight Mindset ™ can unlock opportunities to accelerate growth, mitigate risk, and discover new value propositions that Futureproof the organization for the years to come.

Best for: Large groups who are exploring new approaches and want to empower attendees to take a longer-term view of their world.

Outcomes: Participants will be equipped to make better decisions that are aligned with strategic goals, understand local and global shifts (e.g., impacts of economic growth, climate change, and changing consumer expectations), and uncover opportunities related to AI & emerging tech.

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Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Workshop | Strategic Foresight
The most effective way to introduce Strategic Foresight is by applying our tools & methods directly to your real organizational problems through live workshops. This workshop is best for teams and working groups up to 30 people with a defined goal or focused on building out a longer-term strategic vision or plan. Key outcomes include: how to apply Strategic Foresight principles for real world problem solving using tools like Janus Cones, Generational Arcs, WIN Framework, and Strategy Backcasting. Participants receive a post-workshop toolkit with access to all the tools & templates introduced.
Workshop | AI + Emerging Technology
Workshops enable participants to apply proven tools & methods in solving complex problems that drive business value. This workshop is best for teams and working groups up to 30 looking to build depth of knowledge and leverage AI + Emerging Technology to solve key business problems and design the next generation of products, services, and platforms. Key outcomes include: the foundations of AI + Emerging Technology, industry-specific use cases, best practices to drive initiatives & investments forward within the organization, responsible use, and AI ethics. Participants will receive a digital post-workshop toolkit.
Foresight Discovery Engagement (4-8 weeks with 1-3 working sessions per week)
In a Discovery Engagement, our world-class Foresight group embeds with your team for a series of Sprints. These Sprints integrate Strategic Foresight into participants’ way of thinking and working as we advance a meaningful project or goal together. This Sprint is best for teams and working groups with a defined project (e.g. launching anew product or offering, building a new strategic plan, or introducing a new business model, etc.). Participants will apply Foresight to your roadmap, strategy, or business model through interactive workshops. From there, we work together to evolve business models, products, and new value propositions for your future customers. Final deliverables may include an in-depth Futures Report, Executive / Board-level Insights Presentation, and new Value Proposition Blueprints.
AI Discovery Engagement (4-8 weeks with 1-3 working sessions per week)
Take a Sprint-style approach to: (1) Identify, reframe, and validate specific AI opportunities, (2) Ideate and design potential solutions, including rapid prototyping, (3) Validate these solutions, including building high level business cases for further investment. This Sprint is best for teams and working groups with a defined project (e.g. launching a new product, service, or platform) or looking to discover new opportunities for growth (AI-focused ideation & validation engagements). Participants will apply a range of tools & methods to uncover new product & service opportunities that drive growth and apply these to key business problems. Final deliverables may include an in-depth AI Strategy Report, Validated Concept Prototypes, Executive / Board-level Presentation, and new Value Proposition Blueprints.

Audience reviews:

  • Ramy did a fantastic job at listening to our goals and objectives regarding his keynote presentation. We had a very specific audience he would be speaking to, and he targeted his presentation perfectly to what our audience would be most interested in hearing about. - Program Manager, Ingram Micro
  • Ramy’s approach to introducing the complex topic of Generative AI helped our team better understand where key business opportunities for this technology exist and gave us the tools to build our own internal AI investment strategy and roadmap. - Apple
  • Ramy’s energy & expertise when it comes to the role of emerging technology are unrivaled. He brought a passion & enthusiasm to my team that helped drive us to new heights in terms of data-driven digital transformation. - Chief Data Officer, Interac
  • Your session on Strategic Foresight for Planners: Anticipating, Exploring and Shaping Our Shared Future straight out blew my mind! I will be taking your concepts back home in relation to tree canopy planning and management. - Director, Urban Forestry, City of Toronto
  • Ramy has a unique approach to presenting AI & emerging technologies that combines deep understanding of the topic with an undeniable enthusiasm that engages the audience in a meaningful and personal way. - Learning Consultant, TELUS
  • The presentation completely transformed how our leadership team thinks about strategic planning. Ramy has a unique ability to uncover how the trends of today will shape the business environment of tomorrow. The framework he introduced helped us uncover specific ROI-driving opportunities to fine tune our strategy. - New Balance
  • The workshop was actually fun. The hands-on exercises helped our team think critically about how we’d apply the theory to build better solutions for our customers. We covered what felt like a week’s worth of learning in 2 days. - Ciena
  • We had a great lineup of AI speakers and panelists during techNL’s Innovation Week and the Atlantic Economic Council’s Business Outlook Conference in St. John’s, NL. We heard an engaging and captivating keynote address on the future of AI by Ramy Nassar at Innovation Week. Your talk was a highlight of the week and really made me think more about the massive shift in society that AI is causing. It’s clear that AI is driving innovation, efficiencies, productivity, and new business opportunities, so it will most definitely be a growing element of our work, economy, and society. - Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada

Speaker Biography

Ramy Nassar (he/him) is the founder of 1000 Days Out and author of the upcoming AI Product Design Handbook. With nearly 25 years experience in technology and as former Head of Innovation for Mattel, he leads presentations and workshops focused on AI and emerging technology & disruption and strategic foresight with organizations around the world.

Ramy previously served as Head of Retail Innovation for Mattel, successfully launching and leading the organization’s first Innovation Lab. Ramy and his team pioneered over 15 AI-driven online & in-person retail experiences aimed at growing the Barbie and Hot Wheels brands. During his tenure, Ramy drove a cultural shift toward innovation-first mindsets through a range of internal keynote presentations, town halls, and interactive workshops. Ramy continues to be called upon by Mattel and other F1000 organizations seeking his experience with respect to innovation, strategic foresight, and AI strategy. 

He has led AI-focused keynotes and workshops & strategic foresight and planning initiatives with organizations including TD Bank, Rio Tinto, Genome Canada, Interac, Apple, Air Canada, Facebook, New Balance, Telus, CIBC, and the Federal Government of Canada.

Ramy teaches an AI + Design Thinking course at NTNU in Norway and in the Master’s of Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Ramy is an award-winning speaker & facilitator at international events including World Usability Congress, IxDA, FITC, AI Everything, AI Business Summit, and World Mobile Congress. He is fluent in English, French, and German.