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Peter Sheahan


Denver, Colorado, USA

Innovative Business Thinking & Behavior Change Expert

Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group, Peter Sheahan is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. With staff in more than 23 cities across 7 countries, he knows firsthand the challenges of growing a business in these rapidly-changing times.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Presentations & Webinars

Peter Sheahan appears live from his home/studio to your screens for your next virtual conference, meeting or webinar, to bring his experienced insights into Innovation, Disruption, Strategy, Leadership and more. He’ll customize to your group and engage in Q&A.

All of Peter Sheahan's sessions are highly customized and detailed session descriptions follow initial briefing and background research
Growing in Uncertain Times

Stimulating a culture of growth amidst uncertainty begins with leaders taking ownership for their changed reality and balancing the need for prompt action with the need to maintain the capacity, capability, and engagement required to make the most of the massive opportunities that inevitably emerge from crisis.


High Performance in a Virtual World

The truth is people don’t really know how to work together as effectively virtually, but with the right mindset, team, dynamics, and environment, a leader can intentionally curate a culture of accountability, innovation, and high engagement even in a remote setting. Culture is a science, not an art and there is a blueprint for driving high performance in a work-world defined by social distance norms.

Leading with Intentional Optimism

Leaders must be pragmatic in the face of the real challenges presented by COVID-19, however at some point they must choose whether they are going to create their future reality or passively accept their fate. Intentional Optimism is a new way of leading that unleashes the agency and influence we all have over our reality and combines the importance of pragmatism with the power of boldness to position ourselves to make the most of opportunity.

Competing on Value

The secret to winning your (un)fair share of market opportunity starts with leading your customer to the future, rather than being dragged there. Companies do this by learning to differentiate at the edge of disruption, collaborating across the entire value chain, and creating more impact. Value creation comes from creating value!

Audience reviews:

  • OUTSTANDING. I ate lunch at my desk-side and attempted to multi-task, do other work, with headphones on. Peter's ability to deliver content was spell bounding though. I had to give my attention over. Excellent. I hope every person at director level and above made time for this. Affirms we are doing the right things at GY these days. Just having opportunity to listen in on spur of the moment on talent like this says volumes as well. Thank you. - SVP, Goodyear
  • Peter exceeded my expectations. During our pre-event briefing Peter asked me to send him as much information as possible for our industry so that he could work that into his presentation. I took Peter’s challenge, sending a large number of reports that he successfully integrated. The surprise, was the integration was natural, done in an unrehearsed way, which was extremely credible and reflected very well on our organization. - CEO, Photizo Group
  • Sheahan was the best outside speaker we have had at this conference in 10 years. He added real value and he was able to put into words, what I have been feeling. His presentation was literally perfect. - Chairman, United Technologies
  • Peter Sheahan could light a small town with energy, enthusiasm and insight. He combines deep practical knowledge with unending passion for both his subject matter and his audience. In my 10+ years of speaking with executive-level audiences, I find Peter to be unsurpassed in his ability to engage senior executives. Peter can draw out of your people answers to questions they did not know they had. That, and even more powerfully, he will have them question the very answers they come up with in a way that reveals an even deeper level of insight and understanding. Whether he is presenting or facilitating, Peter is clearly world class educator.

    - Managing Director, Corporate Executive Board
  • Peter Sheahan’s presentation is packed full of energy, enthusiasm, and insight. He combines deep practical knowledge with unending passion for both his subject matter and his audience. In my 10+ years of speaking with executive-level audiences, I find Peter to be unsurpassed in his ability to engage senior executives. And his topic is one no organization can afford to ignore.

    - Managing Director, Corporate Leadership Council
  • Peter Sheahan has empowered many of us at News Corporation to do more with less faster. His presentation and unique style are both engaging and inspiring – he has made a significant impact on many of our business leaders.

    - EVP Human Resources, News Corporation

Speaker Biography

Peter has advised leaders from companies as diverse as Apple, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Hyundai, IBM, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and Cardinal Health. He is the author of 7 international titles, including Flip, Generation Y, Making it Happen, and recently released Matter. Peter has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to over 500,000 people in 20 different countries. He has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Speakers in the World by the National Speakers Association and is the youngest person ever to be inducted into their industry Hall of Fame.