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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Leveraging Trends to Maximum Success

Mike Lipkin is one of the world’s leading motivators, specializing in helping people enhance their personal productivity and build strong teams around themselves. Lipkin reveals the latest social value trends-which shape the way people think, act and buy right now-and shows individuals how to leverage them to maximum success.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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You Belong Here: How To Make People Feel Safe To Be Their Best, Take Bold Risks and Win

In this pioneering partnership between a renowned professional coach and an acclaimed psychiatrist, Mike Lipkin and Dr. Diane McIntosh take you on a journey to becoming the Keeper of the Safety Flame – that’s someone who creates belonging in a hybrid world, grows enriching relationships, owns their power, wins on the brink, and shows the way. You’ll learn about your remarkable capacity for change, how to reprogram your brain for success and how to become an icon of resilience who inspires others to shine.

You Belong Here gives you the tools and strategies, backed by science, to create an environment where others flourish so you will too.

The Potentiator

The Potentiator is someone that increases others’ strength and effectiveness. They bring people together so they can achieve more than they could separately. They help actualize others’ dreams. They produce more energy than they consume. They cause breakthroughs by helping others play at their best.

Through revealing case studies, research-backed insights, and powerful exercises, you’ll discover how to transform yourself into the Potentiator – to the enormous benefit of everyone around you. There is no higher accolade than being recognized as someone who helps others perform at their best. Now more than ever, the world needs you to unleash your superpower. Mike Lipkin shows you how.

The 8 Secrets to Becoming a Super Virtual-Impactor

Covid is “virtualizing” every aspect of our lives – especially the way we communicate. No matter what comes next, screen-to-screen contact will be the dominant form of interaction. More than any other factor, success will come from mastering the art of online presentation and communication.

As a motivator and presentation coach that works with thousands of people around the world, Mike Lipkin has pivoted to the new realities. Over the past year, he has immersed himself in the theory and practice of Super Virtual-Impact. Specifically, Mike coaches you on how to:

1. Pre-inspire Yourself
2. Light Yourself Up
3. Capture Attention
4. Build a Clear Narrative
5. Listen Empathetically
6. Animate Your Style
7. Bring the Data to Life
8. Follow up

Dancing With Disruption

This program is filled with mind-opening insights and examples that will inspire you to act like a disruptor – someone that creates the future one step at a time.

There is an amazing breakthrough that is currently just beyond your reach, and Mike Lipkin will help you grasp it. The people closest to you are counting on it. It’s time to dance.

Lead Like a Coach, Whatever You Do

No matter what you do, you’re a leader and you’re a coach. The two are inseparable from each other. Leading without coaching is malpractice. It’s short-sighted, unsustainable and selfish. On the other hand, “Leading like a coach” Is when you enable, not mandate. You inspire, not intimidate. You expand, not constrict. You make people happy, not miserable – including yourself.

Over the past 26 years, Mike Lipkin has coached over a million people in 43 countries. Together with his colleagues at Environics, Mike studies the people that enable others to achieve extraordinary results. In this eye-opening program, Mike shares the ten essential practices  that will equip you to take immediate action.

How to Become a Champion Collaborator

Here is the secret sauce of Champion Collaborators in a single sentence: Champion Collaborators help others succeed in a way that motivates others to invest more time and resources with them. So are you a Champion Collaborator? How do you know?

In this breakthrough program, Mike Lipkin will share the ten researched ways to become a champion collaborator.

How to Communicate Like a Champion

Highly Effective Communication is the secret sauce of today’s Champions. It is the process of sharing information and transferring emotions in such a way that others are motivated to take the desired actions.

Communication is a natural process. When it’s done right, it’s a beautiful thing. It inspires engagement and passion. Sometimes all it takes is a slight shift in emphasis or change in tone.

Mike Lipkin will show you how to excite people into powerful action while you have fun doing it. In line with his philosophy that life is theatre with consequences, he will entertain you while he informs you.

Audience reviews:

  • Mike's energetic and exciting presentation style will keep you thinking and laughing, all the while providing you with simple and easy to use strategies to maximize your own potential for personal growth.

    - Maritime Life
  • He was fantastic. His session was insightful, intelligent, thought provoking and funny. I can easily say that he was the highlight of the conference.

    - Event-Based Marketing Manager, BMO Financial Group
  • Mike Lipkin was fabulous and very well received by approximately 175 people! Phenomenal turnout!

    - AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
  • Your message was the perfect note to end the summit, as it not only pulled together various elements from the previous speakers but also was an energizing call to action.

    - Leader, GE Asian Pacific American Forum
  • This was a life changing presentation....Mike was great - best speaker I have seen at a leadership meeting. Good actionable things that we can easily all do as leaders.

    - Wells Fargo Retirement Leaders conference attendee

Speaker Biography

Mike Lipkin’s mission is to help you and your team achieve preeminence – that’s where you become the benchmark by which all others are judged. It’s where you play at such a level that you set the standard for your industry or category. It is achievable. In fact, it’s necessary. If we’re not defining the standard, then someone else is and they are going to enjoy the rewards of being the best. And by the way, either we become the best, or we become irrelevant. There is no middle ground. These are extreme times. We’re all being subjected to extraordinary stress and scrutiny by everyone around us – our colleagues, our clients, and our communities. Good enough isn’t good enough any more. Even great may not be good enough. The Pursuit of Preeminence is the only path that will deliver the results that you desire and deserve.

I am a Potentiator.

A Potentiator is someone who creates breakthroughs with others by enabling them to play at their best.

In these unprecedented times, we’re all going where we’ve never been before. We need people in our ecosystem that multiply our capacity to grow and contribute. We are only as good as the company we keep. And to keep good company, we have to earn good company in every conversation, every day. It’s not good enough just being good enough. We have to inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

Since July 1 1993, I have helped over a thousand companies in 65 countries bring out the best in their people so their people bring out their best for all their stakeholders.

I graduated with a business degree from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Then I became a brand manager at Colgate Palmolive. Following that, I became a board member at Grey Advertising South Africa, before emigrating to Toronto, Canada, where I became an Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies.

Following Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and the end of Apartheid, I returned to South Africa where I launched my own training and motivation company, Touch The Sky Inc. Over the next ten years, I published seven books and helped transform the nation into one of the world’s most vibrant democracies.

I returned to Canada in 2002 to launch Environics/Lipkin, a global research and motivation company. Since then, I have published eight bestselling books, including my latest title – The Potentiator – How to  Create Breakthroughs with Others in a Post-Pandemic World. All my books and programs are a blend of the celebrated Environics Social Values Research with my own lived experience as a coach, confidante and Potentiator.

In 2018, I also became a certified Leadership Circle Profile practitioner. This enables me to provide state-of-the-art 360 evaluations for both individuals and teams.

I turn every engagement, in-person or online, into a compelling learning experience. In line with my philosophy that life is theatre with consequences, I make people laugh, talk and share while they learn.’