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Marc Stoiber

Brand Innovation & Sustainability Specialist

Marc Stoiber is a brand consultant, entrepreneur and writer. He has led the creative departments of multinational ad agencies, created Cannes Gold ads for clients like Budweiser, and resurrected declining brands like Mr. Clean – turning the bald man into Procter’s worldwide turnaround brand of the year. He has launched his own green ad agency, sold that to an innovation firm, and is now ramping up his latest project – a revolutionary new take on keyword analytics targeted at entrepreneurs.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Didn’t See It Coming Based on my book, Didn’t See It Coming describes the attributes of brands/companies that are resilient enough to survive and thrive in our chaotic marketplace. There are numerous case studies of companies that are thriving, as well as companies that didn’t make it. The session concludes with a workshop on building a brand that will resonate with customers, and give the company a focused vision and mission.

Ready! Fire! Aim?
Ready! Fire! Aim? focuses on the need to create an effective message / story before embarking on social media marketing. The speech was voted one of the best of this year’s Social Media Camp – Canada’s largest conference of its kind. The speech includes both instruction in creating an effective, engaging message, as well as tips on choosing which social media would best work for your purposes.

Bootstrap Marketing
The days of multimillion dollar ad buys are gone. We’re a nation of entrepreneurs, and our marketing dollar has to stretch! Bootstrap Marketing explores how to create an effective (almost) free marketing campaign, with a plethora of fun, engaging examples to spice things up. Core to the talk and workshop are getting your message right, picking your executions wisely, and creating the means to effectively measure results.

The Authentic Brand
‘Authenticity’ is the most used, abused term in marketing today – driving it to the point of irrelevance. But consumers respond to brands that are unique, transparent, people-focused, and driven by a mission greater than ‘keeping shareholders happy’. What are the secrets of authentic brands, and how can you give your brand the sort of authenticity that will help you cut through a cluttered marketplace.

  • Aside from a highly entertaining presentation, his insight into the importance of story telling to brand and relationship building renewed my determination to help my clients craft their own unique stories. He also gave me some new tools to do that and to explain to my clients just how this work (hard as it may be) will yield a memorable brand. Need a speaker who can help you tell your story? Marc's your guy.

    - Client Services Director, Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.
  • Marc approached our issue with ‘beginner's mind' which allowed us to see brand new possibilities. Together we reimagined our material and discovered its magic. The result was a better product that really resonated with our audiences. Marc is a pleasure to work with, has boundless energy and enthusiastically embraces whatever you ask of him. I would definitely hire him again.

    - President, Pure Pharmacy
  • Marc delivered his keynote presentation at the Canadian Cleantech Summit with passion and clarity. No one in the audience was left unaffected and people are still talking about it. Great job!

    - Canadian Cleantech Conference Organizer

Summary Profile

You could call Marc a hybrid. He built his reputation as a creative director over the course of 20 years, working on Fortune 500 brands at leading ad agencies. But he also pushed past his comfort zone, spending time becoming an expert in green and innovation brands. Not only has this kept him learning, but it’s given him skills that brands need in volatile times. The brands he’s built span all categories, from cars to beverage alcohol, packaged goods to pharmaceuticals. His strategic and leadership skills have helped two ad agencies rise from obscurity to market prominence. And his creative craft has been recognized by virtually every international industry award for advertising and design. Following this career in mainstream advertising, he launched his green brand agency, Change. This company was successfully sold in 2010 to Maddock Douglas, a leading Chicago innovation firm. There, Stoiber headed up the green innovation team, helping the company build a green innovation process, and establishing their green thought leadership with prolific blogging and public speaking.  In 2011, he struck out on his own, consulting with clients to build robust, futureproof brands. Today, in addition to running a thriving futureproof brand consultancy, he teaches marketing sustainability at Royal Roads University. He continues to write on the subjects of sustainability, innovation, and futureproof brands for journals like Huffington Post and Fast Company. He keynotes regularly on these subjects, has spoken at TED, and is regularly called on to be an expert commentator on NBC, Fox and CBC.

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