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Rt. Hon. Joe Clark

Canada's 16th Prime Minister

Starting from an early age, Joe Clark has had a successful career in Canadian politics. Elected to lead the Progressive Conservative Party at the age of 36, Joe went on to defeat Pierre Trudeau and to become the youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


How we Lead: Canada in a Century of Change
Rt Hon Joe Clark passionately shares his vision for the future of our country and the potential we have to build on the successes we’ve made in our diverse society. By sharing stories of Canadians and organizations here who have become successful and made a difference, he encourages us to realize our value within our own borders and beyond for what we can bring to the world.  We need to reassert ourselves on the world stage. With mandate and imagination, we can lead real international change.

Managing Diversity 
The World’s Great Challenge And Canada’s Unique Credentials

Canada and the USA 
Canada’s Assets and Advantages in a Changing Partnership


  • An extraordinary presentation that was both motivational and inspiring, mixed with some humour - he was the perfect speaker for our event. The presentation was extremely well tailored to our group, which made it very personal to those in attendance.

    - Society of Management Accountants of Ontario

Summary Profile

The Right Honourable Joe Clark was Canada’s youngest Prime Minister and one of the most successful Foreign Ministers in Canadian history.  At home and abroad, he earned and maintains a reputation for integrity and principle.

Today, he applies that experience on the front lines of Canada’s work in promoting democracy and encouraging development in countries from Haiti, to Nigeria, to Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A respected commentator in North America, he is also an innovator in the developing world, helping teach African farmers to harvest and market medicinal plants, unlocking the value of underwater forests, helping design independent Electoral Commissions.

Joe Clark played a key role in some of the defining accomplishments of recent history – the Free Trade Agreement, the fight against apartheid, the end of the Cold War and the negotiation of the Charlottetown Accord. 

He connects Canada’s past to our future, and speaks passionately of the potential of modern Canada to make a real difference in today’s complex and challenging world.