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Jeff MacInnis


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Corporate Explorer and WIN Thinking Director

Global explorer-turned corporate captain Jeff MacInnis elevates organizations beyond their goals with WIN Thinking. Companies hire Jeff as their “goal-to guy” and he responds with two powerful programs which transform them into extraordinary teams.

Keynote Speeches

Dream - Dare - Do

Organizations and individual successes are often founded on dreams, then action. Jeff highlights our history — and challenges our future – to dream, to dare, to do.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Workshop | The WIN Thinking Program
Winning at a higher level with WIN Walls and WIN Tools, for organizations all over the world.
Workshop | The Business Race Program
Accelerating corporations to exceed their financial goals. The BUSINESS RACE PROGRAM is a unique process that launches a clear and compelling business race to create confidence, clarity and direction for the organization. These race sessions are about capturing important ideas that the participants can take from the event and use immediately to improve their business races. Writing races begin this process. Course Corrects, What’s Important Never, Gather Greatness and Momentum Matters are all raced into. People partner together to discuss their action ideas. The entire team then shares their ideas to create more clarity and team collaboration.

Audience reviews:

  • Our audience, because it has seen and heard most of the great speakers and performers, is more sophisticated and critical than the average audience. You were at the very top of our audience poll – scoring 100 percent.

    - International Platform Association
  • On behalf of the Planning Committee and the leadership of the SRNA, RPNAS and SALPN - please accept my sincere thanks for an extraordinary day. You touched everyone in the room with your stories and your insightful message about winning for yourself and for your team (often one in the same). Your care in planning and attention to detail was impeccable - I don't think I have ever seen such extraordinary effort to making it work - you left nothing to chance.

    - Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association
  • I was impressed and appreciative of the time you took to understand the audience and the business environment that we face, so that you could align the challenges that you experienced on your trips with those that we face everyday. You certainly presented us with many relevant insightful and thought provoking ideas and suggestions.

    - Quaker Oats Company
  • Your determination, perseverance and commitment to excel in the face of tremendous challenges represent the finest example of the true potential in us all. Indeed, we are better people by having had the opportunity of being exposed to your shining evidence of excellence in the pursuit of a dream.

    - Merrill Lynch

Speaker Biography

With camera in hand and the heart of a world-class athlete, Jeff MacInnis directs two of the most powerful business programs in the world. WIN Thinking and its juggernaut sister, The Business Race Program, are racing corporate clients to a combined $40 billion in total revenue. “In terms of energy and content, the programs Jeff MacInnis created are the best sessions we’ve ever had,” said Rami Mayer of Schulich School of Business at York University. MacInnis is acclaimed as a former member of the Canadian National Ski Team and a world adventurer, who led the first team to ever sail the Northwest Passage. But he shifts attention to his clients: “To see the excitement, focus and results we are helping our clients achieve is truly inspiring. They are lifting their businesses by millions of dollars. I am thrilled at how these concepts and tools are enabling people to race their lives forward, both professionally and personally.” Jeff has directed more than 2,000 programs in 22 countries, including working with more than half of the Fortune 500. Let yours be next – whether you are a non-profit group like a nurse’s association, a retailer, or a corporation. Many of his current clients create their own WIN Walls back at their office to project their goals, then launch them together. In an age of softening economy and often negative vibes, WIN Thinking remains defiant as a dynamic, practical innovation, enhancing a team’s ability to create and work together to take them beyond simple survival. Attend one of his presentations and you’ll see employees high-fiving, turning yellow post-it notes into ledgers of beautiful ideas, soaking in transferrable adrenaline, with a youthful passion. . .as Jeff, a professional photographer, captures everybody’s picture. Indeed, he takes on the aura of a movie director. The displayed pictures reveal action and faces of hope, confidence, and the realization that people don’t fail – they quit. Surveys show that many people dislike their jobs, but MacInnis counters by exploring their talents and ideas; he believes everyone has genius DNA, and it blooms when we act together – to dream, to dare and, finally, to do. Jeff’s programs are highly customized so each client wins at a higher level. Highlights · Links the principles of achievement with the experiences of your industry. · World-class multi-media presentation, using National Geographic quality slides and video. · Adaptable format – your theme will be incorporated as the focal point.