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Dani Gagnon


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Digital Marketer

Dani Gagnon is a digital media professor, and a millennial in a primarily boomer saturated business world, who helps organizations drive business through their online presence and digital marketing.  She’s chock full of insights on internet-based algorithms and how you can leverage them to better connect with target audiences.  

Keynote Speeches

The Internet is Mine - Business and Algorithms

Algorithms impact us all. From online shopping, to communicating with friends, to marketing on social media, most of what we see online is organized by algorithms. This shift has resulted in most content getting lost in the endless feeds of information. ‘Trending news’, may not actually be trending.‘Viral videos’ may not be organically viral. How do you adjust your social media feeds & marketing strategies to connect with audiences in this algorithmic era?

Pairing historical aspects of propaganda along with hilarious examples of her baby boomer parents’ usage of social media, Dani Gagnon outlines the rules to play by (and play against) to understand how information is presented online. She explores the pros and cons of creating online disruption, how to control the information being presented to you, while providing strategies to align messaging with trending topics without seeming tacky. This fun-filled presentation will have audiences laughing as they learn how to use the web to better serve themselves, their clients and their teams.

Key Takeaways:
• The current algorithm structures for key social media platforms and how to optimize your content to work within their systems.
• Be inspired to use the internet more & create a sustainable brand personality online.
• Content marketing techniques that get more reach and engagement organically.


Healthcare | Algorithms for Practitioners

As a healthcare practitioner, social media is a huge part of advocacy and education. Those who don’t embrace it risk being left behind. Whether you want to keep up to date on news for your patients or want to build an audience to make a difference in the world, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all play huge roles in doing so. Social media pages, groups and profiles are all controlled by algorithms that determine what content we see and don’t. A health practitioner may be following a page wanting important updates, but may not receive them due to these algorithm rules. In this interactive, customized keynote, Dani Gagnon shows healthcare practitioners how the internet’s back-end code rules impact them.

Key Takeaways:
• How to use social media algorithms to ensure you see the information most important to you.
• Techniques to get your online content seen by your target audience.
• Strategies to maximize budgets to create awareness of a certain topic online.

Dani also offers presentations on authentic personal branding in today’s business world and more. View a full list of her presentations here. 

Dani also offers presentations on authentic personal branding in today's business world and more. View a full list of her presentations here. 

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Workshop: Creating buzz for your brand on a budget
This fast-paced workshop will show you how to cut through the clutter of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat by crafting messages that will actually reach your customers. By understanding algorithms and using innovative ideas, you'll be able to create content that will be widely shared. Your next paid social campaign will bring in new business and could cost as little as $30.
Social Influencer
An influencer on Communication & Social Media, Dani can help your organization connect with unique target audiences.

Audience reviews:

  • A creative tornado, Dani powered through the social networks, explaining the strengths and purposes of each, clearly outlining how they'd be useful to my writing career. She had an action plan for how I should get started. Today. Now. Immediately. She was encouraging, insightful and funny. Above all she is knowledgeable but never overwhelming.

    - Aga Khan Museum
  • Dani and her company The Like Button have been managing our Facebook and Twitter feed since 2011. Her work has been creative and done consistently. She has a great knowledge of the space and we are very pleased.

    - Student Works Painting
  • Your session was the highest ranking of the day – rated 6.533 out 7 on average. Likewise 65 out of 75 people in the survey rated you at a 6/7 or higher, which is an amazing score.

    - Globe and Mail Small Business Summit

Speaker Biography

The more connected we are, the more forward-thinking the world will become.” – Dani Gagnon

A millennial in a primarily boomer saturated business world, Dani Gagnon is a digital media professor who helps organizations drive business growth through their online presence and digital marketing. She shares insights on internet-based algorithms and how you can leverage them to better connect with target audiences. Her specialty is making content interactive, clever and truly social; and framing it to reflect the things the Internet is talking about to encourage sharing and engagement. 

Dani Gagnon finds innovative ways to drive business through digital marketing and ensuring organizations are being genuine throughout that process.  She co-founded the digital marketing + PR agency BAE Communications where she helps organizations create the desired engagement, reputation, and competition that puts their campaigns before anything else.

She’s an ‘under-30 influencer’ CEO in Toronto with The GNF Group, who started her business 8 years ago, and has been making a serious impression in the social media world working with brands like CBC, Under Armour, the NDP and MasterCard already. 

Gagnon is a Professor in Digital Marketing at Seneca College and teaches Social Media at Camp Tech, as well as beginner and advanced social media workshops in Toronto, and travelling to various locations for corporate training.

She was one of the keynoters at the 2017 Globe and Mail business summit described as a one-day conference of insightful sessions, proven growth strategies and innovative ideas from the country`s brightest business leaders.  She`s also spoken to groups such as: the Canadians Parliament (in Ottawa), the Liberal Party of Canada, Smartserve, Bconnected, Strut, and more. A social strategist with a passion for music, Dani is also lead singer/guitarist of the internationally known punk band KINK. 

Described as a creative tornado, Dani G brings her whole authentic self to each presentation.