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Catherine Murray


Toronto, ON, Canada

Global & Canadian Business Analyst, Former Anchor of BNN Bloomberg's The Close

Catherine Murray’s passion when looking at the economy, business and markets, is cutting through the noise to find out what really matters. She is best known as the host of BNN Bloomberg’s The Close, Market Call Tonight, Business Day PM, and BNN Advisor. Having spent more than 10 years at BNN Bloomberg and years on Wall Street, she has garnered extensive knowledge on global, sector and industry analysis, merger and acquisition opinions, and the impact of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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With Catherine’s more than 25 years experience reviewing and analyzing current market trends, the economy and business development, she’ll bring insight into what to watch for in the coming year to help you and your business set up for success. 

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Markets often move with the consensus, until they don’t. Looking for the out-of-consensus thought, is key in determining what happens next. It illustrates the importance of thinking against the norm, and the importance of extensive relationships, which Catherine Murray is well-versed in.

Before joining BNN Bloomberg, Catherine worked on Wall Street for more than 15 years. Her previous roles included Vice-President of Institutional Sales and Trading at Deutsche Bank, Associate at Goldman Sachs in Institutional Equity Sales and Trading, and Associate Research Analyst at William Blair; covering retail and e-commerce companies. While working on Wall Street, Catherine travelled weekly with CEOs of both large and small cap public companies, and across every industry. During the tech boom, she was involved in twelve IPOs a week, an absolute frenzy of deals and travel.

As of the few VP females on a trading desk, Catherine has a passion for seeing women succeed.  In 2009 she co-founded North South Capital, a women-owned institutional investment firm. Today she continues her analysis, interviews and reporting at Murray Media & Markets online which quickly garnered an engaged following. Her optimism, stamina and resilience is what she brings to her discussions, relationships and her life. Her desire is for people to achieve their best, and enjoy the adventure along the way.

Murray graduated from The University of Western Ontario with a degree in Politics. In addition, Murray trained as a competitive figure skater and is a certified downhill ski instructor.