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Anne Connelly


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blockchain & Decentralization Expert

Anne Connelly is passionate about harnessing blockchain and decentralized technology to transform the lives of people in emerging economies. She is a dynamic keynote speaker who delivers engaging presentations about blockchain technology and the applications for social impact, international development, and the future of society.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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Blockchain for Social Impact

Anne Connelly loves sharing her passion for blockchain and its potential to change the world. She has helped thousands of people and organizations in a variety of industries from banking to healthcare to government understand how it works, why it matters and how blockchain will create positive change for people and the planet.

Audience reviews:

  • Anne made the daunting topic of exponential technology accessible and entertaining. The audience left feeling inspired and motivated to act on what they’d learned! - Head of Marketing & Communications, Innovation Edge
  • Anne is the authority on how blockchain is changing the world around us. She gave one of the best talks on the technology and how it can be used for positive change. - Founder & CEO, MMH Blockchain Group
  • Anne’s expertise on Blockchain was invaluable, making a complex topic easy to understand. She left our audience informed and inspired! - Senior Director of Insights & Engagement, Fluxx

Speaker Biography

Anne is Faculty at Singularity University and SU Canada, teaching global leaders how exponential technologies can solve problems that impact over a billion people. She has been an active part of the global blockchain community since 2012, and continues to consult and advise organizations on business strategy communications, marketing and fundraising.

In addition, Anne works with charities, non-profits and international aid organizations helping them to understand whether blockchain is the best solution and developing strategies to achieve a successful implementation. She established one of the world’s first bitcoin donation programs and is the co-author of “Bitcoin and the Future of Fundraising”, a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency donations.

She previously worked with Doctors Without Borders Canada in Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and served on their board of directors. Merging her two passions, Anne is currently writing a graphic novel about blockchain for east African readers which is slated to be released in June of 2021 along with a full motion production to be released at a later date.

Anne has a Bachelor of Life Sciences from Queen’s University, an MBA from McMaster University, and is certified in Strategic Disruption from Harvard Business School. She was honoured as one of CBC’s 12 Young Leaders Changing Canada and one of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in Canada.

Anne is currently working on research around quadratic funding models for public goods. As a speaker, she offers her presentations in English and French.