Mental Health Speakers

Mental Health speakers help initiate those important, but often difficult, discussions around a topic that affects us all. As a speakers bureau, we’re honoured to be able to help amplify voices of individuals working to end the stigma and help create a better way forward when it comes to improving our mental well being.

Mental HealthIn recent years, organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and initiatives such as Bell Let’s Talk have done remarkable work bringing Mental Health awareness to the public consciousness. Many of our speakers have worked closely with these groups in addition to spreading their inspiring messages to audiences around the world.

Mental health is something everyone deals with and it’s important to understand there’s a wide range of perspectives on the subject. From those suffering from a mental illness to those who have been affected by another’s actions, there’s not just one-size-fits-all when it comes to mental health discussions. 

Today, we’re highlighting some of the most impactful approaches to mental health presentations. 

Awareness at Work

Nova Browning Rutherford is a mental health speaker who works with organizations to improve employee mental health in the workplace. She outlines the importance of the issue by sharing the latest statistics on the cost of neglecting mental health at work.

Nova approaches the topic from a wellness perspective. She discusses the red flags to be aware of and how audiences can take a preventative approach and prioritize self-care. Nova gets into the 5 main workplace complaints and provides actionable solutions to dealing with them.

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A Society-Based Approach

How can we create an environment for citizens suffering from these illnesses to feel safe enough to talk? This is one of the questions Globe and Mail Columnist André Picard poses in his mental health presentation. With over 30 years of experience writing passionately about Mental Health, he draws from a wide-range of stories he’s covered throughout his career to help paint a picture of the problems we face and how the system needs to improve to help prevent these issues in the future. André looks at cross-disciplinary approaches to observe mental health and suggests best practices going forward.


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Day-to-Day: Sharing Your Personal Story

The best connections involved sustained interactions. Professional golfer Andrew Jensen is doing just that by building a community of followers using his YouTube Vlog to share his daily life and experiences around mental health.

In his mental health keynote, Andrew shares his experiences as a professional golfer. He’s spent years travelling the world and playing the sport he loved. While Andrew enjoyed public success, he struggled in private. After his third suicide attempt, Andrew decided to use his platform to speak out about his experience living with depression while chasing his dream. His ‘Courage Over Comfort‘ talk shares how the lessons, skills and coping mechanisms learned in personal and professional life can help improve mental health. 

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Sharing a Legacy

How do you move forward after losing somebody close to you? Speaker Lynn Keane shares her heartbreaking experience as a mother whose son unexpectedly commits suicide. Keane uses this traumatic experience to help change attitudes about youth mental illness. In her talks, she emphasizes the need to better educate the public about mental illness. She’s passionate about talking with students about how they can help decrease casualties from this disease and create better outcomes for future generations.

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These are just a small sample of the unique perspectives our mental health speakers bring to their presentations. View a full list of our mental health speakers here:

Mental Health Speakers