The Power of Kindness – One Doctor’s Journey Back to Empathy

Dr. Brian Goldman is a well-respected emergency room physician at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital with 30 years of experience providing life-saving care to distressed patients. He’s also an advocate for transparent, precise healthcare on CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art. Dr. Goldman prides himself on the level of care he provides to people on a daily basis. However, after being confronted by the effect his admittedly un-empathetic demeanour had on patients and their families, Dr. Goldman wondered if his time as a care provider has stripped him of his empathy. He found himself asking – Am I a kind soul? This led Dr. Goldman on a journey that culminated in a fascinating new book and speaking topic.

The Search for Empathy

In his new book and speaking topic, The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy is Essential in Everyday Life, Dr. Goldman recounts his two-year search for the answer to this question, touching on some of the studies and examinations he underwent to better understand his physiological capacity for empathy. He travels across Canada and then the world searching for inspiring stories of kindness in people. This book is a beautiful examination of what it means to be “kind”. Dr. Goldman touches on why kindness and empathy, although genetically programmed in all of us, is a constant conflict for people – weighing the practical and kinder course of action in every situation. His personal reflections coupled with the scientific pursuit of understanding of kindness in people prompt readers to ask themselves – Am I kind? Dr. Goldman explores scientific, social and emotional answers to this question in his search to gain back his kindness and empathy and in doing so inspires all readers to do the same.

A Brand New Keynote Presentation

In his new ‘Power of Kindness‘ keynote presentation, Dr. Goldman takes audiences out the hospital room and into the world at large, investigating why kindness is so vital to our existence. A power and engaging speaker, Dr. Goldman shares personal anecdotes from his quest to gain a deeper understanding of his own sense of empathy. Audiences will hear some captivating & moving stories from around the world highlighting the secrets to success used by some of the most empathic people alive, including those in the foodservice industry, healthcare, robotics, non-profits and more… Request Dr. Brian Goldman to speak to your audience

Read a sample of the book below via HarperCollins Canada:

Book Launch

Dr. Goldman’s words at his book launch reinforced themes of kindness, inclusivity and understanding. As a special surprise, he brought some of the people he encountered on his quest for kindness role models. The NSB was happy to attend such an uplifting and positive event.

In the Media

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Toronto doctor Brian Goldman chronicles journey back to kindness in new book