A House In The Sky is Hitting the Silver Screen

We are so incredibly proud to announce that GSA exclusive speaker Amanda Lindhout’s internationally bestselling memoir A House In The Sky has been optioned as a major motion picture with Annapurna Pictures. Annapurna has produced such blockbuster hits as American Hustle, Her and Zero Dark Thirty. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Oscar® nominated actress RAmanda-Lindhout-Rooney-Maraooney Mara (The Social Network, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is set to produce and star in the film. “Rooney Mara is someone whose talent and adventurous spirit I admire deeply. I’m thrilled that she’s teaming with Annapurna Pictures to bring A House in the Sky to the screen. I can’t imagine a better match,” -Amanda Lindhout Mara is well known for never backing down from dark or difficult material, as evident in her breakthrough role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The emotional nature of Amanda’s story has some film critics noting it’s potential to receive some big Hollywood awards. Here’s some of the reaction from the Twittersphere: We”ll keep you updated with any key developments in this via our  twitter feed.

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