Hot Topic | Global Economics: The Brexit Debate & What it Means for You

June 23 marks an important day in history. One where we see the UK head to the polls to vote on whether to stay or to leave the European Union (EU). Living up to his pre-election promise, British Prime Minister David Cameron called the vote to allow the British people to have their say to stay or leave the politico-economic union. At Global Speakers Agency we represent some of the leading commentators on topics of Current Events and Economics. These individuals are able to not only break down complex information into an easily digestible format, but also bring forward customizable insight for range of audiences and industries. Today we’re featuring some of these thought-leading speakers who have offered up specialized insight on the Brexit vote: GSA-Divider

Vikram-Mansharamani-HiResPortrait-600x400Vikram Mansharamani | Generalist, Global Economics Expert & Bestselling Author

Vikram Mansharamani believes that the EU’s unification experiment is not working. He argues that the European economic outlook is dire, most notably on the issues of:
  • Economic freedom
  • Austerity measures
  • Unemployment
  • Migration
All of which do not appear to be getting any better. The instability will be on display yet again in 2017 with a potential ‘Frexit’ brought about by Eurosceptic French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen. This Brexit vote has paved the way for other countries to make concession demands from the EU which Vikram says will potentially ‘doom the idealistic dream of a coherent European superstate.’ Read the full article here. divider-White-Square divider-White-Square

Niall Ferguson Niall-Ferguson-HiRes5-600x400| Historian, Writer, Broadcaster & Harvard Professor

Niall Ferguson sat down with Bloomberg Television where he presented some historical arguments against a Brexit. Looking beyond economics, Britain owes a great deal of it’s modern stability to European integration. By exiting, Ferguson believes the long-term prospects of Britain are not all that promising. He lays out some examples of rising prices British citizens will incur upon an EU exit: Watch the full interview:


Mintz-Jack-LoRes2-427x400Jack Mintz | World-Renowned Economist, Academic & Public Policy Analyst

Jack Mintz offers a look outside of the losses specific to Britain and focused on how a Brexit would send a ripple-effect around the globe. He used the example of the UK’s need to negotiate new trade deals with a large number countries such as Canada. Mintz argues the UK would be doing so from a position less appealing to potential partners. He also sheds lights on the short-term effect of North American companies with ties to EU. Mintz sees a potential need for them to cut labour costs while they seek out new alternatives to access the European market through countries such as Germany or Ireland. Read the full article here


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