Innovation Lessons for Generation Flux | Business Innovation Speaker Robert Safian

Disruption has become a constant in the world of business. The popularity of the gig economy and mobile device access have changed the rules of business. In the world of “there’s an app for that,” companies of all sizes are under pressure to ensure they are in the fast lane to success.

Business innovation speaker Robert Safian believes we must constantly re-train and re-orient ourselves in this ever-changing environment.

Event professionals looking to seize this the opportunity to improve the quality and context of business activity will benefit from Robert’s keynote messaging – it’s time to open ourselves up to the reality and benefits of our ever-changing, technological world.


An Authority on The Future of Business

How has he become one of the most requested business innovation speakers? Robert’s held leadership positions across the media world and is among the most respected publishing executives in history. He has an expansive network of connections across C-suite’s in multiple industries, giving him insider knowledge on the cutting-edge developments that are reshaping our world. Robert helps audiences overcome the fear and uncertainty of technology and provides them with adaptive frameworks for business success.

Robert’s Top 3 Audiences

• Corporate Innovation
• Future of Work (Human Resources)
• Technology

Roberts ‘Generation Flux’ Presentation

This is one of Robert’s most requested business innovation presentations. The term Generation Flux incorporates both our current era of high-velocity change and the people who are positioned to thrive in this environment.

5 Innovation Lessons for Generation Flux

1. Embrace Chaos
The world is changing faster than ever. Those who want to excel have to adapt. The old rules of business don’t really apply. Businesses have to become faster & more agile.

2. Speed Matters
The speed of change is ferocious and so your company’s rate of innovation must match the pace of your industry. It is imperative that companies build their own rhythm of change and adaptability to stay competitive.

3. Pay Attention to the Next Generation
We have to be open to learning from the micro-generations use of technology. Young people’s comfort with technology has changed the way they approach the world and if organizations can support or augment this new worldview by learning from them, they are taking steps to prepare themselves for the ever arriving future.  

4. We Need Each Other
The human factor matters more now than ever before. Creativity and innovation happen in the gaps between silos. Human interaction (effective collaboration and communication) is the secret sauce to new and viable ideas. Human interaction helps breaking down these locked doors to share ideas in new and meaningful ways.

5. Mission & Purpose
and purpose are the ultimate competitive advantage in the age of flux. Studies show workers at companies are less engaged with their work than they have been in the past. Having a mission and purpose which aligns with that of a potential employee can create a more engaged workforce. This will give your organization the edge in the business market.

What’s Robert like on stage? View the clip below to see him in action discussing Generation Flux:

What Audiences Say about Robert

“His keynote really resonated with our audience because of his intimate knowledge of events and the challenges that our attendees face on a day-to-day basis. His thought-provoking session provided valuable insight, allowing our audience to immediately connect with him. It was the perfect kickoff to start our annual event.
– President & CEO, International Association of Exhibitions & Events

“Fantastic! Bob was a pleasure to meet and see in action. An interesting presentation and audience participation was exactly what VMware was looking for and they got it.”
– Event Planner, VMware

If you’re searching for a business speaker to provide real-world strategies for innovation success,  Robert Safian is the speaker for you: