The Sensible Environmentalist | Patrick Moore Shares His Vision for A Sustainable World

In recent weeks citizens around the world have been focusing on our relationship with our planet. Initiatives like World Environment Day and World Oceans Day have helped raise awareness, funding and participation in an effort to reduce threats and promote a healthy future for our planet. Event planners are also helping drive meaningful conversations by developing programming focused on themes of sustainability and climate change. But how do you put on an event that will make an impact far beyond the presentations?

Some of the best events in this space bring forward a diverse range of perspectives within the space to paint a more complete picture of our collective opinions and the need for balanced solutions. One of the most requested speakers for these events is environmental speaker Dr. Patrick Moore. A co-founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Moore has been a leader in the international environmental movement for over forty years. He is a fierce opponent of “pop-environmentalism,” which he deems a brand of activism that appeals to people who want simple answers and base their thinking on emotional response (rather than the factual). Dr. Moore helps organizations address the major issues facing humanity while balancing society and nature.

Environmentalist Speaker Dr. Patrick Moore

Dr. Moore is known as “The Sensible Environmentalist.” He co-founded and led Greenpeace for fifteen years before he left to establish what he felt was a more logical, science-based approach to environmentalism. He is committed to finding solutions to our environmental issues while maintaining a balance between a modern lifestyle and planetary health. Dr. Moore’s environmental policy is based entirely on science and logic which have lead him to some controversial opinions.

Science First, No Filler

Dr. Moore’s presentations strip away the doom and gloom scenario sold by many in the environmental movement. He reveals the myths, misinformation and political agendas that distort current environmental debates. An informed and provocative keynote speaker, Dr. Moore brings his no-nonsense speaking style to his presentations which outlines a vision for a more sustainable world. From energy independence to climate change, genetic engineering to aquaculture, Dr. Moore sheds new light on some of the most controversial subjects in the news today.

Patrick Moore’s Top 3 Audiences:

• Manufacturing
• Agriculture 
• Energy Sector

Patrick Moore’s Most Requested Presentations

Agriculture, Human Health, and the EnvironmentThis presentation is geared to audiences concerned with the future of agriculture and the environmental issues associated with growing our food and fiber. Using cutting-edge examples, Dr. Moore will make the case for using science and technology to improve global nutrition and productivity of our food production systems.


A Sustainable Energy Future | Fossil fuels will remain prevalent in the foreseeable future, but as we look to adopt alternative energy sources, what are the ramifications of these new applications? In this presentation, Dr. Moore will shed light on why wind and solar energy may not be the viable alternatives for fossil fuels many had hoped for.  He makes the case for more practical technologies such as hydroelectric energy, nuclear energy, geothermal heat pumps, biomass, and biofuels.

On The Environmental “Boogeyman”

Earlier this year, Dr. Moore engaged in a no holds barred conversation about the environmental movement. He refutes the idea that we as humans are heading towards an unavoidable global catastrophe based on carbon emissions, climate change, ocean acidification and various other spook tactics being employed by publicly funded scientific pursuits. Controversial? Yes. Thought-Provoking? Yes. Science-based? Yes.

What Audiences Say About Patrick Moore

“Dr. Moore captivated our audience with his talk on forest sustainability. This particularly impressed me because our group was made up of staff with a variety of knowledge on the subject matter; from foresters and biologists with extensive knowledge to aircraft pilots and administrative staff with little exposure to some of the issues. Strategically, Dr. Moore’s talk inspires me to re-think about how our forest management practices contribute to sustainability.”
– Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

“Not only was Dr. Moore’s presentation perfect and very timely, but it also showed our members that there are environmentalists in the world that have common sense… I’m recommending him as a speaker to all of my colleagues in the industry. We need for him to get his message to the public.”
– Wood Molding & Millwork Producers Association

Are you looking for an environmental speaker to address the major issues facing humanity while balancing society and nature? Dr. Moore is a great choice for your next event.

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