Dateline special featuring Olympian & adventurer Adam Kreek

You’re in the middle of the Atlantic, no land in sight for miles in every direction. And then… Capsized. DATELINE NBC Just over one year ago Adam Kreek was on a boat that capsized in the Bermuda Triangle.  His four man team from OAR Northwest had spent 73 days at sea, rowing from Dakar, Senegal to Miami, Florida in the CWF Africa to the Americas Expedition. This Sunday, Keith Morrison from NBC Dateline covered the story of the team and their capsize from the perspective of their loved ones on land. You can watch the preview of the Dateline Special here. Always eager to take on new challenges, Adam Kreek made the first ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to North America in January 2013. His goals were to advocate for adventure as a tool for self-development, to educate youth about the importance of sustaining the health our oceans resources and to collect scientific data about the state of the Atlantic Ocean. After four years in planning and 73 days at sea in their 29 foot rowboat, Adam and his three teammates capsized just 10 days short of their destination. Fortunately, the crew’s exceptional safety and emergency planning ensured that all four members survived and much of their equipment and data was salvaged. Please check the NBC Dateline website for more details and for online viewing.