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Michel FalconIn the hyper-competitive business world, customer-obsessed companies thrive. In the ‘Experience Economy’ consumers are empowered like never before. Technology & thought-leadership surrounds us, and many organizations are faced with a challenge in terms of focusing their customer experience strategies. What customer experience trends matter most? We asked entrepreneur & customer service advisor Michel Falcon which ones matter most in the months ahead. Here’s what he had to say:

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Regardless of your service, product, size of business or industry, customer experience has proven to a key differentiating point for companies around the world. 

Take Warby Parker as an example. They entered the eyewear industry as a small player and have grown to become a billion-dollar brand within five years by leveraging an affordable product and a world-class customer experience.

To deliver a consistent customer experience, one that your customers will grow loyal to, an organization will have to find and build solutions to relieve some pain points. A few of these pain points include:

  • Lack of Leadership: everyone in an organization must have a customer-centric mindset. CEO’s and executive management teams can lead by example by answering phone calls in their call centre and sitting with their marketing department and responding to tweets.
  • Absence of Premium Training: It’s not how often you train, it’s how valuable the content is that you provide. Your front-line employees will speak to more customers in one day than the CEO will in a month, quarter or maybe even a year. Ensure the education you share is premium content so that your team is set up for success.
  • No Design: Great customer experiences aren’t built on their own. They are designed with thoroughness and creativity. To create a world-class customer experience, an organization must walk the customer journey and identify opportunities to create great experiences and interactions. 

Hear Michel’s top-3 Customer Experience Trends:

2018 must be the year that you set aside the appropriate resources to improve your customer experience. The outcome you can expect is higher customer loyalty, a more engaged workforce and an admired brand.

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