2016 GSA Headliner Speakers: Part 2

This week, we’re highlighting 10 of our most in-demand speakers for 2016. These thought-leaders have received numerous rave reviews from past engagements in addition to generating plenty of buzz in their non-speaking initiatives. We’ll be delivering these speakers in two installments. Here is our second set of five: GSA-Divider

A self-made millionaire by the age of 25, Michael Hyatt built two highly successful tech firms valued in the hundreds of millions. Today he ranks as one of Canada’s pre-eminent investors in start-ups. Speaking on the topics of Leadership, Business & Workplace and Innovation & Change Management, Michael shows that to achieve success you need to prepare for a marathon, not a sprint. His most requested presentations are: Leading with Grit, Passion & People and The Internet of Things: Are You Ready? Michael was a hit late last year on the second season of Next Gen Den. Check out the clip below where Michael debates fellow dragon Harley Finkelstein on whether or not the company being pitched is a software company:

divider-White-Square Peter Zeihan combines topography, economics, demographics, history and culture to craft the future.  He speaks on the topics of Current Events, Innovation & Change Management and Economics & Finance. His most requested presentations are: The Accidental Superpower and Geopolitical Opportunities & Challenges. Peter continues to provide fascinating insights into the hot-button issues of our time. In his most recent piece, he looked at what ramifications will come as a result of sanctions against Iran being lifted. He discussed what it means for the price of oil and left us with a stark conclusion: it leads to “a weird world in which oil prices go lower for longer even as the Middle East gets more violent.” You can read the full piece here. divider-White-Square Jesse-hirsh-highres6Jesse speaks on the topics of Innovation & Change Management and Technology & Future. His most-requested presentations are Education: Learning at the Speed of Life and Web 3.0: The Anticipatory Web. Jesse’s weekly nationally syndicated column on CBC radio provided fascinating insight on timely technology news. Case in point: his look at anti-drone freeze rays. In addition to discussing robotic warfare, Jesse provided more down-to-earth analysis including a look at how technology is changing farming.       divider-White-Square Vikram steps back from complex market dynamics and uses a multiple-lens framework to look at disparate data and then connect the dots – providing actionable insights; is there a bubble? Where is it in its lifespan and what actions should you take to avoid bubble risk? He speaks on the topics of Current Events and Economics & Finance.  Vikram’s most requested presentations are: The Generalist Advantage: Going Beyond Expertise and Global Prosperity: Everything is About to Change. Vikram provides a weekly analysis of current events by looking at them with a generalists lens. Case in point, his latest article looks at the Zika pandemic currently sweeping South America. Vikram argues that that our actions fighting the virus today are going to have long-lasting economic ramifications. He pointed out its potential to impact emerging markets, demographics, and even Caribbean tourism, arguing we need to constantly scan the horizon for potential needle-moving developments. You can read the entire article here. divider-White-Square A leading authority on current affairs, war, international aid and foreign policy, Dr. Sam Nutt is one of the most intrepid and recognized voices in the humanitarian arena and is amongst the most sought-after public speakers in North America. She speaks on the topics of Current Events and Human Rights & Social Change. Her most-requested presentations are: Conflicted? The World of War and Corporate Governance. Samantha recently joined CBC’s The Current to discuss the 2011 famine in Southern Somalia. The debate centred around whether or not the problem should be classified as a War Crime. Samantha weighed in on the issue, noting how such bad policy decisions lead to so many needless deaths.

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You can view more of our headliner speakers here, or reach out to us for more info.