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Dr. Joe MacInnis

Member of the Titanic Discovery Team

Joe MacInnis is a medical doctor who studies leadership and teamwork in life-threatening environments from the deep ocean to outer space. He’s led thirty expeditions under the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans including the first team of scientists to dive under the ice at the North Pole.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Navigating the Fog of Climate Change
Recent expeditions in the Western Pacific and Southern Ocean showed Dr. MacInnis how rational optimism and deep leadership might help us deal with climate change. Climate change is a slow motion, sky heating, sea rising, storm breeding calamity. With crop failures, famines, fierce storms, and floods, she’s the mother of all geophysical disruptions. Because she’s 24/7 for the foreseeable future, she’s a story bigger than any other. We need new stories to replace the old ones—stories that tell the hard, honest truth, that alarm us into action, stories that show us what we must do, that make us change the future.

Deep Leadership: 10 Ways to Inform, Influence & Inspire People
James Cameron, the Academy Award winning director, recently built a $30-million research sub and made an epic 7-mile dive into the Mariana Trench. Dr. Joe MacInnis was Cameron’s electronic journalist and team physician. He followed the action from the first dives in Papua New Guinea to the final dives in Micronesia. He posted daily blogs on National Geographic’s website and helped Cameron’s team navigate through sixty days of ‘guerrilla warfare’ stress.In this presentation, he describes ten essential leadership
traits that contributed to Cameron’s successful mission.

OilStorm: Leadership Lessons from the Gulf of Mexico
Dr. MacInnis outlines 12 essential traits of leadership and shows why the ‘oilstorm’ was a crucible effective and failed leadership. Using dramatic video clips, he reveals how great leaders acquire and use the essential traits to enhance personal performance.


Order of Canada

  • Our guests were blown away by Joe's presentation and left the dinner in awe. He took our client’s breath away! She was so inspired by his experience and saw the clear fit between his message and it’s relation to the weather – something of great importance to The Weather Network! He was fantastic to work with, very accommodating and engaged guests from the moment he arrived. - Event Planner at The Weather Network
  • Thank you for your fantastic contribution to our conference in Monte Carlo. You brought character, insight, experience and wisdom to the audience. Everyone enjoyed the session tremendously.

    - President, European Petrochemical Association
  • An inspiring presentation with breath-taking video clips. It fit in beautifully with the theme of our meeting.

    - Vice President, Toshiba
  • A perfect closing keynote for our inventors and innovators conference. And thanks for leading this morning's eighty-foot dive off the north shore of Nassau. Our team loved it.

    - CEO, Symantec

Summary Profile

During the past 40 years, Dr. Joe MacInnis has acquired an international reputation for his pioneering work in science, business and the environment. Drawing on experiences as exotic and various as diving beneath the North Pole and exploring the wreck of the Titanic, Joe MacInnis relates how teamwork and leadership can turn effort into victory. An eloquent and stirring speaker, his volume of research into human performance in high-risk environments is changing the way audiences think about business, achievement and life.

The first Canadian to dive down to the Titanic shipwreck, the first man to dive and film under the North Pole, and the leader of the team that discovered the world’s northernmost shipwreck, the HMS Breadalbane, Joseph MacInnis is a medical doctor and noted deep-sea explorer. Few people can speak of incredible things from having done so many themselves. Dr. MacInnis is also an accomplished writer, filmmaker and scientific researcher. His projects look at the history of human interaction with the oceans, examining the exploration, disruption and restoration of the world’s water bodies. He has led or participated in more than fifty major undersea expeditions and logged more time inside the Arctic Ocean than any other scientist. As a physician, he has spent twenty years studying human performance in high-risk environments.

In 2012, Dr. MacInnis was the electronic journalist and backup physician for James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge expedition. During the thirteen dives, including Cameron’s epic, seven-mile descent into the Challenger Deep, he kept a daily journal and took video and still photographs. His journal was posted on the National Geographic.

In his speeches, Dr. MacInnis shares the values including courage, communication, and teamwork that enhance performance under the ocean and in the corporate world. Drawing on compelling examples and dramatic video clips, he provides an inspirational framework on how to deal with the challenge of sudden change. Using a combination of humour and scientific acumen he tailors his insights to the theme of your meeting, making him a relevant and indispensable resource for your audience.