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Goldie Chan

Digital Marketer & Top LinkedIn Influencer

Goldie Chan is the top LinkedIn Video creator, digital strategist and entrepreneur. Called the “Oprah of LinkedIn” – her video channel is the longest running daily show on LinkedIn with over 3 million views and counting.  Goldie provides organizations with actionable ways to create incredibly engaged communities and recruitment programs using organic social media strategy and intelligent content creation.

Los Angeles, California, USA


Community Building for Organizations
Building a community is not easy – whether you’re building them from scratch or refining and re-engaging an existing community. Real, healthy communities will amplify revenue, provide free PR and testimonials and create a solid foundation for scaling businesses and brands. When there is authentic, genuine and thoughtful engagement between a business and its community – the results are a well-loved, easily amplified brand. Goldie has not only grown communities from 50 to 50 million, but she is also the official LinkedIn Learning/Lynda instructor on Community Building.

In this presentation, she shows audiences how to build a community from scratch and fix broken/unhealthy or stagnant communities using actionable tactics for their marketing or community teams. Your organization will be equipped with the skills to manage and grow a community or customer base organically across multiple platforms.

Storytelling for Employee Retention and Recruitment
Now more than ever, organizations are challenged to recruit the RIGHT candidates. Telling authentic internal stories of your team can increase employee retention and recruitment. In this presentation, Goldie shows audiences the most impactful storytelling & content elements organizations can easily execute in the next quarter using existing employee stories. They will be motivated to both bring in new employees and champion brand story themselves.

Personal Branding for Corporate Employees
Growing a personal brand while in-house helps employees feel greater ownership over their internal roles and also helps to promote the company as a whole. Goldie encourages employees to develop a brand that ties into the overarching corporate brand so both parties benefit. Research shows that brands that encourage employees to build their personal brand have nearly twice as many sales boosted by employees then brands that do not. Goldie will share actionable steps for building their brand while supporting the corporate brand message – creating a healthy ecosystem for a stand-out employee to use their brand to encourage sales and corporate brand awareness.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Personal and Corporate Brands
With over 500 million global users, LinkedIn is often underutilized as a brand platform and relegated to being a resume repository. 94% of all B2B marketers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by LinkedIn and with a growing creative community – it has reinvented itself as a platform to watch and utilize. In this presentation, Goldie shows audiences the most powerful ways to use LinkedIn to boost your brand using everything from written content, videos, outreach and more. Your audience will leave this presentation equipped with the tools to optimize your LinkedIn strategy to help boost engagement with this high-buying power social network.

Platform Plus

Social Influencer | LinkedIn

Top LinkedIn influencer Goldie Chan, known for her bright green hair, has pioneered the LinkedIn Video feature. She has created a market for other content creators to share their stories through the platform. Goldie can help your organization & event reach new target markets.

  • Goldie is a social media expert who understands the value social media can deliver to the organization. She worked with campuses to refine their social media strategy and calendars to drive positive impressions of the Art Institutes.

    - SVP, The Art Institutes
  • Brilliant, engaging, funnt and filled with value is how I would describe Goldie's keynote.

    - Founder, TopHatRank
  • Tough, smart, and approachable; there are few people that I know out there who can be still smiling in the toughest situations. Goldie is a fantastic asset to any company looking to expand their social presence or to create content around their brand.

    - Editor-in-Chief, Geek & Sundry
  • Goldie is a very creative thinker. From the first moment you start talking with her you realize that her mind and the plan is in motion. And while it is moving along, Goldie is there every step of the way. Solid gold performer!
    - CMO, WhoSay
  • I loved working with Goldie. She not only has a deep understanding of social media, digital content and online marketing best practices but is sharp as a tack and able to apply a fresh creativity and a collaborative team spirit to any project or idea she tackles.

    - Director of Corporate Partnerships, Film Society of Lincoln Center

Summary Profile

Warm, funny and bitingly incisive, Goldie Chan has the rare combination of making her audiences think and laugh at the same time. Each of her talks are tailored to the audience – from corporate workshops to conferences, local and global. She is a master of community building, creative content strategy and storytelling for customer/employee recruitment and retention.

She believes that the best marketing and entrepreneurial strategy starts with thoughtful storytelling and strong community-building. The right kind of storytelling will have both your customers and employees singing brand praises. And an engaged community validates a brand or company’s authenticity, authority and trust.

One of her most defining moments in her career was her first failure.  Goldie ran a fashion brand for 2 years and then ended up folding up shop when she couldn’t find the right business partner to grow with. It taught her two things:
     1) Absolute and total failure helps strengthen you for the next round of creative innovation.
     2) Having a strong support network will get you through any crisis.

This is what motivated her to focus on building communities that are supportive, healthy and engaged that lift up a brand. She can spot the superfans, the stories which hold the most potential and global customer issues before they become a crisis.

Goldie’s partnerships include global brands such as WeWork. She is also the Founder at Warm Robots, a corporate B2B and B2C digital strategy agency that bridges the gap between tech and entertainment. She is a proud member of the Producer’s Guild of America, New Media Council, a Stanford graduate and has been featured as a fresh voice in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and more.