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Evanka Osmak

Sportscaster, Rogers Sportsnet

Evanka Osmak is one of the faces of Rogers Sportsnet. Since joining the network in 2007, she has worked her way up to the role of Co-Anchor of Sportsnet Central. Formally educated in Civil Engineering, Evanka decided to flip the script and pursue her dream career in television.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Platform Plus


Evanka is available for opportunities as Host/Emcee alongside co-anchor Ken Reid.

Links Golf Program | Celbrity Golfer

Evanka is available as a Celebrity Golfer or as a post-event Host/MC.

  • Evanka was as advertised, absolutely outstanding! She has such and “art” to being in front of people, either through the camera or live. She combines amazing sports knowledge, numerous experiences, a cagey sense of humor, and an obvious emotional intelligence that makes her real…almost just a Canadian sports fan like the rest of the audience...She is a tremendous role model, advocate and champion for all young girls, and women aspiring for a life in sports. Evanka has a career that may seem unconventional and unattainable for many females, but she has an ability to let people know to chase their dreams if it’s a life in sports. Finally, she went the extra mile outside of the Gala to meet, great, and personally make many individuals feel appreciated and special.

    - Athletics Director, Acadia University Department of Athletics

Summary Profile

Evanka brings fans from coast-to-coast a healthy serving of fun, humour and insight as the co-anchor of Sportsnet Central alongside Ken Reid. Highlights of her career so far include hosting at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as well sideline reporting at the Rogers Cup in Toronto. One of the most recognizable sportscasters in Canada, Evanka’s path to success has been anything but orthodox. She graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Civil Engineering.

After working for a couple of years for an engineering consulting firm, Evanka experienced the realization it wasn’t what she wanted to be doing in her life, and made a change. It turned out to be the defining moment in her career. After enrolling in a broadcasting program she found her true calling and traded in the hard had for a microphone. Evanka started out learning the ropes at a morning show in Yuma, Arizona before having a chance encounter with Sportscaster Jamie Campbell. Building up the courage to spark conversation with him paid off and six month later she started her career in sports media.

Evanka is an upbeat, down-to-earth speaker who brings a bit of humour to everything she does. She leaves audiences inspired to seek out what it is they truly are passionate about.