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Duncan MacPherson

Co-CEO, Pareto Systems and Pareto Platform

Duncan MacPherson is co-founder and co-CEO of Pareto Systems and Pareto Platform.  He has played an integral role in the development of the Pareto Platform, a turn-key web-based CRM (Client Relationship Manager) designed to help entrepreneurs create and stick with a customized professional code-of-conduct. Duncan is also one of the most respected speakers in the financial services industry and over the last 15 years, he has presented keynote addresses to tens of thousands of financial advisors throughout North America. Duncan is the author of the best-selling books Breakthrough Business Development and The Promise of the Future: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Effective Marketing and he often contributes articles and commentary to industry publications.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


Cracking the Code – Mastering the Client Acquisition Process
After years of consulting with many of the most successful advisors, especially during this recent period of unprecedented turbulence and uncertainty, Duncan MacPherson has taken that experience and created a presentation that helps advisors thrive rather than just survive, and in the process, take their client acquisition results to the next level. In this presentation, Duncan focuses on 3 essential components that virtually all financial advisors can use to identify untapped opportunities that exist in their respective businesses. Client Acquisition Through: Client Referrals – Maximizing Client Relationships, Partner Referrals – Engaging Strategic Partners and Target Marketing – A Professional Prospecting Process.

Fast Track to Referrals
Today’s financial advisor understands that it costs far more time and effort to convert a prospect into a client than it does to convert an existing client into a flag waving advocate.  But consider the personal fulfillment involved as well.  It can be draining and anticlimactic to be perpetually convincing new people to work with you.  Why not work more effectively with the people who are already convinced and let them do the convincing on your behalf?  The real value in a client relationship is not in the initial commissions you earn, it’s in the commitment the client demonstrates to you over the lifetime of your relationship. There are no silver bullets when it comes to referrals.  They are not realized because of clever phrases or by asking your clients well timed questions.  Most referral approaches are transparent and make the advisor look needy and put the clients on the spot.  Top advisors attract a steady stream of referrals because of reciprocation felt by their clients, not because of obligation.

Ultimate Client Experience
Ultimate Client Experience was designed specifically for elite advisors that want to achieve a breakthrough with his/her top clients, and deploy a proven process to consistently attract high-value clients going forward. Part 1 looks at how to develop a personal branding strategy to ensure you are perceived and described as professional consultant with a process. Part 2 shows how to deploy a family investment legacy process to ensure you are well positioned within the family tree In part Part 3 audiences gain full empowerment- capture money in motion. Finally, Part 4 sets up how to be positioned for anything – a sequential approach to create a trajectory that is aligned with your goals.

  • In an hour, Duncan MacPherson provided several useful, timely and actionable ideas for a Financial Consultants. His energy and positivity around Practice Management was infectious. The entire audience was on the edge of their seats, yearning for more information and wishing that Duncan could speak for more than an hour! The best part is that each participant left the room with immediate ideas to weave into his/her practice, rather than being left with generic information.

    - Vice President, Senior Practice Management Consultant D.A. Davidson & Co
  • I have had two events at which Duncan spoke. Both of these meetings were very well attended and the feedback from Advisors was amazing. It seems folks couldn't get enough of Duncan's ideas and were starving for more.

    - Vice President, First Trust Advisors
  • Duncan did a nice job and I know in follow-up conversations with several reps, they appreciated his ideas and plan to incorporate some of his thoughts into their daily routines.

    - Associate Director – Internal Sales The Principal Funds Distributor Inc.

Summary Profile

As co-founder and co-CEO of Pareto Systems, an industry leading business development firm dedicated to the elite professionals and companies within the financial services sector, Duncan and his team of consultants are in constant demand for speaking engagements and for assisting Financial Services Professionals to create predictable, sustainable, and duplicable businesses.  Pareto Systems is well known for its approach, which is based on best practices and for its focus on implementation. Duncan travels extensively throughout North America, conveying dynamic and fact-rich presentations that have made him a popular spokesperson for the financial services industry. Duncan’s expertise in demystifying business development and marketing in the financial world has universal appeal; from the high-level advisor to the successful wholesaler, to corporate financial institutions.  Duncan’s primary goal is to help Financial Services Professionals achieve liberation and order in their businesses through step-by-step methodology and execution. Duncan is an industry author and has written the best-selling books: Breakthrough Business Development, Take Your Business to THE NEXT LEVEL and The Promise of the Future: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Effective Marketing.  He is also co-creator of the Pareto Platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which combines the essential CRM tools with an all-encompassing array of time-tested practice management and business development processes that ensures Pareto Platforms’ revolutionary CRM platform will take one’s business to the next level.