2016 NSBest Speaker Profile | Jennifer Moss

September 22, 2016
Our annual National Speakers Bureau’s Engage Speaker Talks (NSBest) is here! This year for the first time, we’re hosting events at three locations across Canada: Calgary (Sept. 9), Vancouver (Sept. 13), and Toronto (Sept. 27). Canada-IconOur 2016 theme is ‘Canada 150’, a topical theme for the upcoming year with event professionals looking for thought-leadership on their upcoming events. We will be focusing on the state of our nation at this important milestone. What makes Canada so unique?  What are the strong points? The places in need of improvement? What’s your outlook for what our Canadian future has in store? Jen Moss-HiRes-FINALS-4a Today, our featured speaker is Jennifer Moss. Jennifer is the Co-Founder of Plasticity Labs, a research and technology company that is on a mission to give 1 billion people the tools to live happier, higher-performing lives. The Plasticity Labs platform uses positive psychology to understand employee sentiment, develop happy highly engaged teams, and build successful organizations. She provides audiences with the tools to bring a workplace happiness mindset into their organizations. In this blog, Jennifer shares her thoughts on Canada 150:   NSB-Divider

What are you like on-stage during your presentations?

I am constantly speaking with my hands. It is rare to see a photograph of me up on stage without my hands up in the air! I think my enthusiasm on the stage comes from the mission I’m on to debunk all these pesky myths about happiness. Some feel like happiness is harmful, which I feel is absurd. Unfortunately, there happens to be a ton of guilt surrounding this emotion and a misunderstanding of what authentic happiness actually means. Because science is such a powerful tool, I enjoy speaking to the naysayers in the audience and demonstrating that happiness is actually a good thing.

What does Canada mean to you?

I have always valued living in Canada, but now I am fiercely proud of my heritage. My pride developed later in life after I moved to California and realized just how awesome it truly is to be a Canadian. I lived in San Jose for nearly a decade and two of my children were born there, but shortly after my second arrived I was struck by how much “home” mattered to me. I enjoyed my life in California, and the people there, but I knew I needed to give my children an upbringing that was built around tolerance, community, giving back and gratitude. There are pockets of that in the US, but overall, Canada, with all its quirks, and terrible weather and self-deprecation – it’s just simply where I want my family and me to live.

What a changing Canada mean for the work you do?

Change can be very healthy as long as it’s rooted in social good. From both the vantage point of a business leader and a social good evangelist, I’ve witnessed these progressive attitudes shaping policy, innovation, education, and economics. There will always be some who don’t notice those changes or aren’t being helped by the progress we’re making – this is a challenge that I’m certain many governments around the world face. But, I can see an effort being made by this administration to move Canada in the right direction while keeping our wellbeing in mind.

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