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Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell

19th Prime Minister of Canada & Founding Member and former Secretary General of the Club of Madrid

The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell rose to fame as Canada’s first female Prime Minister and one of the youngest Prime Minister’s worldwide. Since her tenure as leader, she has traveled internationally to represent Canada and strengthen democracy and women’s leadership around the world. From her rise as a young leader to an international advocate for democracy and a ‘leader of leaders’, Ms. Campbell brings a unique and matured perspective on current events, politics and international relations.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Can Leadership Be Taught?
As founding Principal of the new Peter Lougheed Leadership College, Campbell is cultivating a new generation of leaders. Drawing on her personal experience as well as the most up to date social science, former Canadian Prime Minister Campbell explores aspects of effective leadership across sectors, and if they can be taught and developed.

Gender & Power
Ms. Campbell has spent much of her life breaking barriers for women. Through her political career serving at all three levels of Canadian government, Kim knows what it’s like to make it in a man’s world, and is widely regarded as one of the foremost thinkers and speakers on gender issues.

The Business Case for Women Leaders
In the last century, the argument for including women in leadership positions such as corporate boards seemed to rely on it being a kind and noble thing to do. However, recent studies are showing that the inclusion of women can improve decision-making and even the intelligence of a group, which in turn, improves performance overall.

Social & Security Dimensions of Climate Change
In the past decade, climate change has come to be recognized globally as one of the most serious challenges facing our planet. Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell can discuss not only the impact of the physical changes of global warming on human societies but also the security risks that can be posed by this global threat as well.

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Panelist/In Conversation

After breaking barriers in her rise to become Canada’s first female Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Kim Campbell remains a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. She’s smart; she’s quick; she’s funny. And she’s the only female Prime Minister we’ve ever had. Enjoy a conversation on what Kim Campbell has to say about the importance of women’s voices on issues ranging from Politics, Leadership, Human Rights and more.


Famous 5 Ottawa | Nation Builder

UBC Alma Mater Society Great Trekker Award

Order of British Columbia
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Order of Canada | Companion

UBC Alumni Achievement Award of Distinction
Equal Voice, Canada's EVE Award

Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 | Trailblazers & Trendsetters
Churchill Society Award of Excellence

National Geographic Almanac of World History | The 50 Most Important Political Leaders

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

Woman of the Year by Chatelaine Magazine
YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in Vancouver

  • Kim was phenomenal! She really exceeded our expectations for an inspiring speaker. All our guests enjoyed her talk and felt motivated from her responses. The Q&A was very popular, with many women wanting to get their questions answered. During the poster signing, Kim was very personable and kindly took photos with guests. She also stayed for the lunch, and we could not have been happier that she did.

    - Fund Development & Communications Manager, Bridges for Women Society
  • I have heard a number of truly inspiring speeches in my life and Kim's speech may well have been the best one I ever heard. Her ability to blend personal anecdotes with statistical information was amazing.

    - Chair - Dress for Success Vancouver
  • Outstanding speaker… She made us think and we remembered her remarks throughout the conference...Thank you for your visions and ideas.

    - Attendees, National Association of State Chief Information Officers
  • Kim Campbell's stature as a global leader never overshadows her connection with an audience, regardless of the size. They always feel like they've been personally engaged and inspired.

    - Dean of UCLA School of Public Affairs
  • One of the most brilliant, engaging and passionate speakers in Canadian political history. She is relevant, understands local, national and global community and speaks to current issues with historical knowledge.

    - Association of Women in Finance PEAK Director 2009
  • Kim Campbell has a remarkable gift of clarity. She speaks with knowledge, passion and honesty on a wide array of complex issues—from global warming to international affairs—while keeping the very human impact of these larger themes front and center.

    - President & CEO, Chicago Public Library Foundation
  • Kim Campbell was awesome! She wowed everyone that she met including 1400 luncheon guest and 150 girls following the luncheon. She really was fantastic.

    - Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis
  • Ms. Campbell’s talk to the students and women leaders was exceptional. She hit all of the important points and the students were engaged and interested, and the adults in the room were all commenting about how wonderful her presentation was. She had obviously lived the topic and her comments and stories will resonate with us all for a very long time.

    - Executive Director & Private Secretary, Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Summary Profile

The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell rose to international fame as Canada’s first female Prime Minister and one of the youngest Prime Ministers worldwide. Since her time as leader, she has traveled to represent Canada and strengthen democracy, security, and women’s leadership around the world.

From her rise as a young leader to an international advocate for democracy, and a ‘leader of leaders’, Ms. Campbell brings a unique and matured perspective on leadership, current events, politics, and international relations. Campbell’s Canadian contributions include serving at all three levels of government before becoming the first woman to hold the Justice and Defence portfolios. In fact, she was the first woman to be Defence Minister of a NATO country.

Her varied influential roles have included working as Consul-General in Los Angeles and chairing the World Movement for Democracy. Ms. Campbell’s initiative led to her become a founding member and later, the Secretary General of the Club of Madrid, an independent organization of former heads of state and government (such as Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Mary Robinson) whose main purpose is to strengthen democracy in the world.

In the spring of 2014 she was appointed the founding principal of the new Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta, which draws on her background as a leader as well as an academic. She has taught at UBC and Harvard University’s Kennedy School, and has worked internationally on the issue of “Democratic Responses to Terrorism” both in her work with the Club of Madrid and in her current role as a Trustee of the International Center for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR) at King’s College London.

Ms. Campbell has served as chair of the Council of Women World Leaders, a network of women who hold or have held the office of president or prime minister. She also served as president of the International Women’s Forum, a global organization of women of significant and diverse achievement. In 2014 she was the first visionary confirmed for A Bold Vision, a national visioning conference for Canadian women. Ms. Campbell’s corporate director experience includes the high tech, bio-tech and medical devices industries, and she is a consultant on issues related to leadership, governance, and democratization.